Events and festivals of Belarus: what awaits us in 2019?

Events and festivals of Belarus: what awaits us in 2019?

The New Year of the Yellow Earth Pig is on the threshold. What festivals will be held in Belarus in 2019? What activities are being prepared to hit our imagination and steal our hearts? Read our digest of events of the coming year and mark the most interesting ones in the calendar, so as not to forget about them!

Calendar of Events and Festivals in Belarus

Calendar of events and festivals in Belarus for 2019

Detailed calendar in high resolution check below the link

September: drive near the walls of Lida Castle and tanks in the city

Summer will be left behind, but September is full of events like no other month!

Rakovski Fest

When: September 1
Where: agro town Rakov

The festival program includes an excursion around Rakov, exhibitions and creative fun for children, a quest, the City of Masters fair, a flash mob. Take a good mood with you and go where you have never been before. Despite its modest size, Rakov will definitely surprise you!

The Millennium of the city of Brest

brest 1000 years

When: September 6–8
Where: Brest

As early as 10 years ago, a monument to the Millennium of Brest appeared in the city, and in 2019 the long-awaited moment has come. Preparations for the grandiose date have begun at the beginning of the year, but the culmination of the festive events will take place from 6 to 8 September. Each day has its own event:

  • September 6 — This day the first international children's book festival and musical project "City of Light" will be held.

  • September 7 — The main day saves a lot of surprises for those who are going to the city tour or excursion. We will keep secrets, because no words will convey the effect of personal presence.

  • September 8 — Festivals of friendship,Holi, kites, street theaters and even a half-marathon — the holiday will continue almost all day!

Arm yourself with our guide to Brest and visit the city with a thousand-year history!

Tankman Day on the Stalin Line

Tankman Day on the Stalin Line 2019

Where: Stalin Line
When: September 7

On September 7, a large-scale military-historical reconstruction dedicated to Tanker Day unfolds on the Stalin Line. It will be attended by real Soviet technology and German armory from the Second World War. After the reconstruction our tank biathlon team takes performances on. And all of this is seasoned with historical quizzes, the organization of shooting from airguns, as well as competitions in its assembly and disassembly.

Attention! The most active participants of the festival are awarded with memorable prizes and a ride on the PT-76 tank!


Lidbeer in Lida

When: September 7
Where: Lida

One of the largest music and beer festivals, which annually takes place under the walls of the Lida Castle. His attendance is also striking in scale: in order to listen to the headliner performance — the Leningrad group — 130,000 guests came to Lida! And this is clearly not the lim it.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you still can’t go to Japan, but you really want to — it's high time to visit Higan — the oldest festival of Asian culture and cosplay in Belarus.

UNICON Convention & GameExpo Minsk

Unicon in Belarus

When: September 6–8
Where: Minsk district, ag. Schomyslitsa, 3 km from Minsk Ring Road (“Globus Park” shopping center)

Unicon is the Belarusian equivalent of the famous American festival of fiction and fantasy Comic-Con. Here you can meet Darth Vader (the notorious villain from the Star Wars space saga) and Marvel superheroes, buy a themed souvenir and take a photo with interactive stands, watch eSports events and take part in various competitions.

Athletics match “Europe-USA”

Athletics match “Europe-USA” in Minsk

Where: Minsk, Dynamo Stadium
When: September 9–10

25,000 of fans, 300 athletes from the USA and Europe, 2 days of adrenaline and worries about teams — the athletics match “Europe–USA” is close already. “Battle of the Continents” is an absolutely right title: a real sports battle unfolds at the renewed Dynamo stadium on September 9 and 10, 2019. If you are thirsty for sports events — do not miss the “Battle of the Continents”!

City Days: Congratulations to Minsk, Gomel and Grodno

City Days of Minsk, Gomel and Grodno in 2019

Where: Minsk, Gomel, Grodno
When: September 14

Three regional centers of Belarus celebrate their next birthdays on September 14 at once. By tradition, the days of the city are celebrated on a grand scale everywhere. A bunch of festive venues, food courts, exhibitions, fairs and concerts work. So if you were planning in the near future to meet one of those birthday, then VETLIVA will be happy to help you with this! Keep three guides from us at once: guides on Gomel and Grodno, as well as tips on how to spend good time in Minsk.

Mensk Starazhytny

Castle event in Minsk

When: September 14-15
Where: Minsk

The annual festival of historical reconstruction takes place in celebration of the day of the city of Minsk. Bugurts, knightly tournaments, improvised castle assault — find out what it is like when a real battle is raging around you!

Tankman Day (Wargaming fest)

Tankman Day in Minsk

When: September 15
Where: Minsk

While the days of the city are celebrated throughout Belarus, a landmark event is held in Minsk under the auspices of — the Day of the Tankman. In numbers this is:

  • over 200,000 guests
  • 55 sites with various interaktivy,
  • 200 computers in the play area,
  • 100 food courts.

And all this died down in September 2018. What the organizers are preparing for the Day of the tanker in 2019 remains a secret behind seven locks, but VETLIVA has no doubt — it will be cool!

International Festival of Mythology "Shlyakh of Tsmok"

International Festival of Mythology "Shlyakh of Tsmok"

Where: Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve
When: September 21–22

“At the State of the Lepel Tsmok” and “Myths in the Swamp” are combined in one festival! The first mythology festival is held in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve on September 21th and 22th. Visitors of the event are waited for:

  • meetings with mythological characters (including the legendary Lepel Tsmok),
  • visit to the Museum of mythology,
  • fire extravaganza,
  • performances of musical groups and much more.

Mystical Belarus is ready to reveal its secrets!

National Culture Days: Greece and Israel

National Culture Days of Greece and Israel in Minsk

Where: Minsk, Upper Town
When: September 21 and 22

Dance sirtaki or dance to the music of "Hawa nagil"? Try a gentle Greek salad or mouth-watering hummus? Why choose one thing if the Days of National Culture can do everything at once? On September 21, attractive Greece opens its arms, and 22 — hospitable Israel does it. Touching the authentic traditions of both countries is a unique opportunity to embark on a journey without leaving Minsk.

Lifehack from VETLIVA: by the way, almost the same trip, only to different parts of Belarus, can be made during an excursion to the “Strana Mini” Museum. See the refined silhouette of the Trinity Church, visit the Gomel palace and park ensemble, see the Bialowieza Forest — and all this in just two hours!

Open tourist water marathon "Augustow Channel"

Open tourist water marathon "Augustow Channel"

Where: Grodno, Augustow Channel
When: September 27–29

Various events are constantly held on the picturesque Augustow Canal near Grodno, and one of them is planned for the end of September. The participants of the marathon compete in overcoming one of the distances faster:

  1. Grodno — gateway Nemnovo (35.5 km)
  2. Maryha River — Black Gancha River (18 km).

If you decide to visit the city during the event, our guide to Grodno will definitely come in handy.

Attention! Only people over 18 years old can participate in the kayaking competition. Children are allowed only with the condition of constant accompaniment of an adult participant.

The military historical festival on the events of the First World War

The military historical festival on the events of the First World War in Ozertso

Where: Ozertso Village
When: September 28

The events of the First World War left a huge mark in the history of Belarus. That is why the Belarusian State Museum of Architecture and Life (recall that it is in the top of the best museums in Belarus, and is also one of the most interesting museums-scansens) together with the historical fund of the First World War “Kroki” are going to show how it was. The museum has many interesting locations:

  • Field Hospital and Post Office,
  • Filward is an attraction where everyone will be taught pre-revolutionary spelling,
  • Summer school,
  • Shooting range and much more.

China Culture Day

China Culture Day in Minsk

Where: Minsk, Upper Town
When: September 28

Colorful, attractive, exciting China... This is not only the homeland of cheap goods, it is primarily a country with rich history and unusual culture. For one day, Minsk turns into a Chinese corner. You can try traditional Chinese dishes, hear the music of China and see the performances of original dancers of the Middle Kingdom. Do not miss the colorful spectacle that will happen on the last Saturday of September!

A brief overview of other events that are worthy of your attention:

  • H.O.G. Rally Minsk 2019. The closing of the motorcycle season is always striking in scale. Indeed, it is supported not only by the Minsk City Committee, but also by the legendary brand Harley Davidson! So from September 14 to 16 Minsk is temporarily flooded with powerful iron horses and revive it with the roar of its motors.

  • Zhuraўlі and Zhuraviny of the Miory Region 2019. The environmental holiday is held in Miory on September 15th.

  • ІІ Minsk International Circus Art Festival. From September 19 to September 22, Minsk is flooded with more than a hundred circus performers from around the world!

October: classical music and Celtic harvest

International Festival of Yuri Bashmet

International Festival of Yuri Bashmet in Minsk

When: early October
Where: Minsk

Large-scale music festival, which for many years has been gathering famous stars and beginning artists on the same stage. Some get a chance to once again show their skills, others — loudly declare themselves. "Must have" for lovers of classical music.

Minsk Craft Beer Fest

Minsk Craft Beer Fest 2019

When: October 5
Where: Minsk, Cultural hub “Ok16”

What can be better than beer? Only craft beer! (Of course, if you are already 18 years old). Beer brewed at forty breweries in Belarus is presented at the “Ok16” Cultural Hub on Oktyabrskaya Street. You can taste various dishes at the food court, take part in master classes, listen to interesting lectures and, of course, you can taste the foamy drink on October 5th. The holiday unfolds to the fullest in two of the most spacious spaces of the Cultural Hub — the Central House of Arts and the Hangar.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you like different treats more than beer, go to a gastro tour in Minsk.

Novogrudok — through the centuries

Castle in Novogrudok

When: October 5
Where: Novogrudok

In 2019, the ancient Novogrudok celebrates its anniversary. He is 975 years old! And in this regard, the organizers are preparing a large-scale holiday for residents and guests of the city. By tradition, the most spectacular events will take place at the walls of Novogrudsky Castle — do not miss the re-creation of historical realities in the ancient city!

"Vitebsk listapad"

Vitebsk listapad 2019

Where: Vitebsk, Center of Culture "Vitebsk"
When: October 17–20

Where else, if not in Vitebsk, the XXXIII open festival of art song, poetry and visual arts should take place! The festival program has a lot of interesting things:

  • Song Contest,
  • Poetry competition,
  • Performing Arts Competition,
  • Visual art competition,
  • Master classes
  • The work of the art workshop "Welding" and much more.

If you are going to visit Vitebsk these days, be sure to check it out! And if you don’t know the city, we recommend using our guide.

Belarus Electronic Music Festival 2019

Belarus Electronic Music Festival 2019 in Minsk

Where: Minsk
When: October 25–27

Fans of electronic music, get ready! The local Belarusian scene is ready to light the hearts of night rhythm lovers. For three days of the festival, you will completely plunge into the world of electronic music, see films about this genre, and can take part in master classes from musicians. 13 kW of sound, huge visual installations, two bars and three dance floors await the guests of the festival.

Halloween at Bruges

Where: Minsk
When: October 31

The time to uncover the plastic fangs and put on a vampire costume has come! Or maybe you prefer fairies? October 31th, you can become anyone!

Golden Hit 2019

Golden Hit 2019 in Minsk

Where: Mogilev, Regional Culture Palace
When: October 31 — November 4

Have you dreamed of hearing the live group "Lube" and Valery Meladze? Or just missed the good music? Then you definitely have to go to Mogilev! For six whole days the city becomes the musical capital of Belarus. In a programme:

  • October 31 — anniversary concert of the Lube group;
  • November 2 — opening of the festival;
  • November 3 — jazz concert;
  • November 4 — concert of the Bryansk Governor Symphony Orchestra;
  • November 5 — recital by Valery Meladze;
  • November 6 — concert by Richard Galliano (France).

So arm yourself with our guide, book lodging and go to Mogilev!

Samhain in the Botanical Garden

When: end of October
Where: Minsk

The last few years it became fashionable in Belarus to celebrate Halloween. And the organizers of Samhain in the Botanical Garden decided to pay tribute to a more ancient holiday — the Celtic harvest festival. By the way, if we decided to jump over the fire on Midsummer, then the Celts had such a tradition in time for Samaine. It is very symbolic: this day was considered the beginning of the new year. Jumping over the fire, a person was cleared by fire and entered the next year renewed. As the ancient traditions revive in Minsk, you can see for yourself in 2019.

November: Listapad

Last month of autumn has prepared a plentiful program.

Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad"

International Film Festival "Listapad" in Minsk

When: November
Where: Minsk

Perhaps, it could be said without exaggeration that "Listapad" is the largest film festival in Belarus. Within its framework, new films are shown (shot no later than the beginning of the year preceding the festival), with both feature films and documentaries participating. It is visited by more than 20,000 spectators and more than 100 guests from around the world — for good reason the festival is called international.

World Vegan Day in Minsk 2019

World Vegan Day in Minsk 2019

Where: Minsk, cultural center “Korpus”
When: November 3

Minsk, as you know, is a very green city. Both nature lovers and proponents of urbanization feel great here. Gastrofest of vegetable cuisine, where vegetarians, raw food eaters and those who doesn’t care about proper nutrition are welcomed, is held in Minsk on November 3th. Cooking classes, vegetable fast food, tasting, socializing with like-minded people and sharing knowledge will make this day one of the best!

International Festival "Theatrical Kufar"

International Festival "Theatrical Kufar" in Minsk

Where: Minsk
When: November 18–25

From November 18 to 25 one of the largest festivals of youth theaters in Europe take place. 15–20 theaters, over 250 participants from all over the world and thousands of spectators are waiting for you in this theatrical week of November.

The festival "Theatrical Kufar" is:

  • the only student theater festival in Belarus, which takes place in an international format;
  • one of the most influential youth theater forums in Eastern Europe;
  • a festival that successfully unites young people from all over the world.

Want to touch the beautiful? Book your lodging in Minsk and attend truly interesting performances that are held as part of the event.

Festival of Youth Contemporary East Asian Culture EW14

Festival of Youth Contemporary East Asian Culture EW14 in Minsk

Where: Minsk, the City Palace of Culture
When: November 23

The festival of cosplay, anime, manga, comics and simply amazing Asian culture, which won millions of hearts all over the world, is held on November 23th in Minsk. Even if you are not an ardent admirer of oriental culture, it is definitely worth attending the event! Detailed costumes, amazing choreography, original souvenirs that can be purchased at the festival — here everyone will find something for themselves. And if you plan to visit the EW14 festival and will be in Minsk for the first time, our guide to the capital of Belarus will definitely come in handy.

International Festival "Berezina-2019"

When: November 23–24
Where: Brilevskoe Pole (Minsk region, Borisov)

Would you like to know how the crossing, which became fateful for Napoleon's army, took place? Then go to the end of November in Borisov! Here they promise to recreate historical events to the smallest detail and show how it was. Immerse yourself in a whirlpool of events and feel what it is like to be part of the story.

Fun, drive and excitement every month

Festivals that are held in Belarus delight the diversity and unusual. Want to go to rock concerts? Yes, even every month! Crazy about knightly festivals? It remains only to wait for the warm weather — and you can hit the road! However, remember: our digest is for reference only, and due to circumstances beyond our control, the dates/months of holding the events in Belarus may be changed. VETLIVA will try to keep you informed, you just have a little thing to do — like this article and read more =)

Detailed calendar in high resolution check below the link

Events and festivals of Belarus: what awaits us in 2019?