The Yelenskys' estate in the Kletsky district

There is an agro-town in Belarus with an interesting name Tucha. The first mention of it dates back to the middle of the XVI century. These were the possessions of the mother of Zhigimont II August, and then they passed to the Radziwills. The Yelenskys became the last owners and built a chic house in the XVIII century.

Profitable estate

At the end of the XIX century, the area of the estate was more than 1,700 hectares and brought a good income. There were warehouses, a farmyard, a distillery, a barn, a blacksmith shop and a cowshed. Many of the buildings were with neo-Gothic elements. 

The T-shaped barn is still used today. Wrought-iron bars have been preserved on the windows, stone tiles on the floor. The former forge with pilasters and arched decorations also attracts attention.

Interior and exterior of the building

The Yelenskys' estate was impressive in its scope and appearance. The main entrance was decorated with a 4-column portico, the pediment was in the shape of a triangle. Over time, the owners added a terrace with a view of the park.

There was a fireplace in the spacious hallway. From the living room, it was possible to get into the main hall, and from there to the terrace. In the left wing there were bedrooms, in the right — other rooms.

An impressive collection of art and antiques was kept in the Yelenskys' estate in Tucha. There were Slutsk belts, carpets, rare books. In 1914, everything was taken to St. Petersburg for safekeeping.

The fate of the estate

In 1919, the Yelenskys left their possessions. The house turned into a barracks for Soviet troops. The owners returned only when Kletchina became part of Poland. After Belarus was incorporated into the USSR, Maria Yelenskaya and her daughter and grandchildren were exiled to Kazakhstan.

During the Great Patriotic War, a hospital was located in the Yelenskys' estate in the village of Tucha in the Kletsky district, and after that, a training and production plant. In the 70s, training workshops appeared here. In the 2000s, the plant ceased to exist, the building was mothballed.

What to see in a Dumpling

There are several interesting ancient sites and a pretty embankment.

Top attractions:

  • Holy Resurrection Church;

  • Buildings of the former hospital;

  • Trinity Church;

  • Yeshiva (former rabbinical school).

It is convenient to combine a trip to this cozy town with a visit to Nesvizh.

Abandoned estates

There are dozens of old houses in our country that are waiting for restoration. If you are interested in atmospheric abandoned farmsteads, visit the following places:

  • G. P. Zheludok;

  • D. Polonechka;

  • D. Grudinovka;

  • D. Yastremble;

  • D. Zhemyslavl.

Some of the most famous old manor buildings are located here. You can visit even more atmospheric places together with VETLIVA.

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