Chetvertinsky Manor in the village of Zheludok

Chetvertinsky Manor in the village of Zheludok


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Once in Zheludok Township in Schuchin district of Grodno region, you may find that you are in the capital of Italy – Rome. It was not surprising as the famous palace – a part of the estate of the Chetvertinsky family – was designed by the Italian architect Marconi.

There was an ordinary house of the Svyatopolk-Chetvertinsky family in Zheludok before the construction of the estate. However, the aristocratic family was growing in number. So, 1907 became a milestone for the family. All they were able to move into a luxurious manor house that was similar to that located somewhere in the streets of the Eternal City. There were two luxury floors, columns, large windows, wooden stairs inside, and plenty of space. Wasn’t this a dream of all members of the Chetvertinsky family?

The fate of the estate

There are numerous structures, a very beautiful garden, an outbuilding and a pond near the house. The history of the manor house and the surrounding area is quite interesting. It is known that in the 60s of the XX century the Palace belonged to the Soviet troops of aircraft forces. At the time, various buildings were constructed, and there were also warehouses and shops. No one knows for sure what was there in the period since 1983 to 1991. There are suggestions, mainly according to the residents of Zheludok village, that there was organized the production of military optics in the territory of the estate of the Chetvertinsky family. However, this is just a guess. The estate belongs to the Committee for State Security at the moment; tourists cannot get inside the building. You can only admire the external appearance of such a magnificent building.

The citizens call the estate of the Chetvertinsky family a castle. This majestic structure is truly the decoration of Zheludok and one of its main attractions. It is known that Isabella Chetvertinskaya visited Zheludok a few years ago. She offered financial assistance for the restoration of the estate, but the project hasn’t been implemented due to some reasons. Perhaps in the future there will be funds and time to restore this relic.

The flow of tourists to the village has not been reduced. Every year the interest to the past of Belarus increases not only among foreigners but also among the Belarusians. So, there are organized lots of tour itineraries that include visiting several attractions under the frame of one excursion. Besides, a number of individually travelling tourists is also growing. No matter which route and type of tour you choose, it is more important to have great memories from the trip, good mood and desire to visit new interesting places in Belarus.


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