The Temple of the Nativity in Grodno (the Basilian Convent)

There is an amazing complex of the Basilian Convent in the town of Grodno. Most sources state that Prechistensky Temple was located in the XII century on the place of the monastic complex with all its structures. This is officially confirmed with the remains of the temple found in 1980. It existed till the middle of the XVII century, and then was burned. And in 1654, the Basilian Convent was erected on the site of the burned building.

The History of the Basilian Convent in Grodno

In 1726, a Uniate church in honor of the Mother of God was erected in the territory of the Basilian Convent; it was made of stone and has survived up to now.

In the middle of the XIX century, the Uniate sanctuary was transformed into an Orthodox convent for women, and it was awarded the second class. Six nuns and four novices with a hegumene moved there from the convent in Orsha.

In 1848, the interior of the temple has suffered some changes in its composition – the iconostasis was moved to the Eastern part of the temple from the West one.

The myrrh-streaming of an icon of the Mother of God was found in the temple in the second half of the XIX century, it lasted about six months. During that time, myrrh was collected in a special cross-shaped vessel that is still in the convent.

It was restored in the Temple of the Mother of God only 13 years later after the fire of 1914.

Until 1992, a museum of religion was within the walls of the temple. That year breathed life into the convent and it again became accessible to parishioners. And then the icon of the Mother of God that had been lost during the war was returned into the temple.

The Basilian Convent is a masterpice of archietecture of Grodno

The Basilian Convent is an important monument of Baroque style that is of particular value for the country. The monastic complex includes a temple, household and dwelling buildings and a chapel. The temple has three naves and two towers. The main facade of the temple is laconically completed by a triangular gable.

In the middle of the XIX century, a convent was attached to the building of the temple. It consisted of two floors and was a gallery type. And there was built a chapel of a hall type.

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