Museum of Cosmonaut Klimuk in Tomashovka

If space beckons you and you are interested in the mysteries of the universe, come to the museum of cosmonaut Pyotr Klimuk. It has no analogues in Belarus and opened its doors in 1978.

In 2003, a large-scale reconstruction began. The renovated Museum of Cosmonautics in Tomashovka opened a year later and became the center of attraction for everyone who is not indifferent to science. Guests have come here more than once not only from the CIS, but also from Germany, Italy, Poland.

Historical Hall

Here you can learn about the stages of studying the universe, see portraits of Tsiolkovsky, Tikhomirov, Korolev and other outstanding personalities who have made a huge contribution to the development of rocket science and cosmonautics. A separate corner is dedicated to Yuri Gagarin. The gallery also presents portraits of Belarusian pilots who became heroes of the USSR.

Exhibition Hall

This part of the museum in Tomashovka is dedicated to the life of astronauts. Items of equipment and equipment are collected here. In the center of the exhibition is a mock-up of the Soyuz launch vehicle, symbolizing the human path to the stars.

What else can you see:

  • Stained glass windows about Leonov's spacewalk;

  • Layout of the first Earth satellite;

  • The layout of the satellite Resource F1.

This hall about the history of space exploration looks impressive and futuristic.

Biographical Hall

Here you will learn about the life of the first Belarusian cosmonaut Pyotr Klimuk. He twice became a hero of the Soviet Union and made 3 flights into space. This is told by the interior items of the parent's house, a wetsuit, star maps, photos and much more.

The hall is divided into two departments. The first one is dedicated to space flights, the second one is dedicated to the childhood and youth of this Belarusian cosmonaut. Many items of the exhibition appeared thanks to Peter Klimuk. Things made by his hands are stored here, as well as his school magazine with grades, cosmonaut nutrition kits and personal hygiene items.

Unique museums of Belarus

There are many unusual museums in our country that cause surprise and delight. We recommend visiting the following:

  • Strana Mini (Minsk) — you will see Belarusian architectural masterpieces in miniature;

  • The Cat Museum (Minsk) — you will meet friendly cats and admire works of art on the cat theme;

  • Museum of Money (Minsk) — you will see money from the time of INCL;

  • The pharmacy Museum (Grodno) is the oldest in the country, built at the beginning of the XVIII century. The exhibition presents antique pharmacy tableware and equipment, books and documents.

You will see even more unique places together with VETLIVA. Choose an excursion or a tour and embark on an exciting journey!