Museum "Strana mini"

The Museum "Miniland" is the first museum of architectural miniatures of the sights in Belarus, each of which has significant events for the country. Around some mock-ups, historical scenes have been recreated that will allow visitors to the museum to feel the atmosphere of the past.

What is the museum of miniatures in Minsk.

The layout of each sight is a masterpiece. Each exhibit has its own interactive "chip." The exposition presents the most significant architectural sights, including little-known ones.

There are guides in the museum. During the excursion, in addition to historical facts about the sights, the guests of the "Mini Country" find out the fascinating legends about the famous places. Also visitors can use the audio guide for free or download the application-guide to the smartphone (Android and iOS) in advance. Audio guide gives the information about the exhibits and useful recommendations, how to get to the sights and where to stay.

In addition to the main exposition in the "Country Mini" there is a photo zone in the form of a distinctive Belarusian home, a recreation area with a cafe and free Wi-fi. Immediately, in the most authentic souvenir shop in Minsk, you can stock up on original gifts for friends from Belarusian artisans at quite democratic prices.

Excursions with a visit to the museum of miniatures in Minsk.

The miniature museum is an interesting sight of the capital of Belarus. The best way to visit it is to book a Minsk sightseeing tour. Then you can see not only this original museum, but all other architectural and cultural monuments of the city.