Lida Castle (the Gediminas Castle)

The history of Lida Castle appearance (the Gediminas Castle)

One of the most ancient castles in the territory of modern Belarus is the Gediminas Castle that was constructed in the town Lida in the 30s of the XIV century for protection against Crusaders. The castle is designed in the interesting style of Romantic Gothic that makes it original and unique. The Gediminas Castle like many ancient structures has its own interesting legends with notes of medieval romanticism.

This place is a huge attraction for tourists due to a great variety of knight’s tournaments and theatrical performances that can more brightly and precisely transfer the then atmosphere.

In 1323, the construction of the Lida Castle was started by decree of Gedimin in order to close the way to the center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. That construction lasted about five years that resulted in a mighty and safe structure that could be successfully used for protection.

In 1953, the Gediminas Castle became a valuable monument of architecture protected by the state. But that fact could not prevent it from gradual destruction. And the Lida Castle was completely out of use in 1982.

The description of the Lida Castle

The Lida Castle was made of hard brick and natural stone. The planning of the structure presents a trapezoid, at the sides of which there are two corner towers. The longest wall is one that is from the northern side. Its length is almost 100 meters. The castle was surrounded by a moat 20 m wide separating the building from the town. There were an Orthodox temple, a court, an archive, and several dwelling and household buildings within the castle courtyard. The dwelling premises were also within the castle on the upper floors.

Over the centuries-old history, the Gediminas Castle was regularly turned to bay that today gives it an unusual atmosphere of fortitude and courage. However, not all battles went smoothly for the ancient erection. In 1702, the castle was destroyed due to explosion of one of the towers.

The late XIX century was not the best time for the castle. It was vandalized – the local people disassembled the walls and sold bricks. But soon those actions were ceased, and the castle was a little renovated by Polish restores in the 20s of the XIX century. Zoos and circuses often stayed there in the summer touring, and there was arranged a skating-rink in the winter in the territory of the castle.

Lidsky castle in our time

Restoration works and archeological excavations have been carried out in the castle over the past 20 years. Festivals, knight’s tournaments and costumed performances have become more often here. It is a huge attraction for travelers from different towns and countries.

Today anyone willing can visit this amazing place in Grodno region called the Lida Castle. A trip to this area is included in many tourist routes that are created for a closer and more detailed acquaintance with the culture, history and architecture of the country.

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