The city of Lida in Grodno region

The strikingly beautiful city with no less marvelous name Lida is located in the central part of the Grodno region. 110 kilometers lie between Lida and Grodno. According to the latest data there are at least 100 thousand dwellers in Lida. Various versions of the origin of the city’s name show that it has the Baltic roots and can be translated as “deforestation” or “cultivated field on the place of the felled forest”.

The history of the city of Lida

The year when the foundation of the castle had been laid is considered to be the date of the city birth, as the city was built around the castle. This happened in 1323. In the XIV-XVI centuries, thanks to its rapid development the city was one of the largest on the territory of modern Belarus. The city changed owners several times, that help it to get something new, develop, flourish and enrich the history of this area. 

In 2010 in the city of Lida a famous festival and fair "Dozhinki” took place. It is still remembered by the local people.

Attractions of the city of Lida

The city of Lida underwent multiple wars, but it bravely endured all the trials and managed to retain a number of valuable attractions and memorable places.

The distinctive mark and the symbol of the mighty city is the castle of Lida. It is not only the pride of the city – all the country is proud of the glorious building. Not far from the castle there is a landscaped green area with fountains and a pond. The castle is saturated with the medieval spirit – there is a place of love and chivalry. It keeps a lot of legends, secrets and mysterious stories. In winter, the courtyard of the castle is transformed into a skating rink to transfer the visitors to the winter wonderland.

There is not only the castle that is worth seeing in the city of Lida. The visitors should pay their attention to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. It was built in 1770 in baroque style. The church has an incredibly beautiful and unusual interior. The image that was brought here in the XIV century is kept inside.

One more building of the city should be mentioned. It is the Catholic Church of St. Joseph built in the XVIII century.

Moving away a little from the historical values of the city, a large brewery of Lida should be noted. The first brewery began operating here in 1863. It suspended its work several times, producing a few sorts of beer. The brewery was modernized after the change of its management and began working with a new force.

Visiting the famous city of Lida, you can be sure that a lot of new impressions and positive emotions are guaranteed. This city is a piece of history, which is the cultural heritage of the whole country. And without this piece the overall picture would be incomplete.


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