Red Book of Belarus

This book includes rare species of plants and animals, as well as those that may disappear in the near future. The book introduces the character, the degree of threat to the existence of the species of Belarusian flora and fauna of Belarus and its condition. The main purpose is to prevent their extinction. The edition contains more than 150 types of Belarusian animals, 180 species of flora, 34 species of fungi and lichens. 

There are four categories of danger for the species:

• I category, which includes species on the brink of extinction;
• Category II, which includes species whose population is gradually decreasing;
• Category III, including species at risk of extinction;
• Category IV - species affected by adverse trends and environmental measures.

Animals of Belarus, listed in the Red Book.

RedBook_animals1.png  RedBook_animals2.png  RedBook_animals3.png

The best known are the European bison, the Siberian flying squirrel, the badger, the Eurasian lynx, the brown bear, the mink, the black stork, the owl, the short-eared owl and others.The population of bison living in the national park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", due to the protective measures taken by the state, is steadily growing. The same applies to other species that can be found in the reserves and zakazniks of Belarus.

Plants of Belarus, listed in the Red Book.

RedBook_plants1.png  RedBook_plants2.png  RedBook_plants3.png

Among the plants of the Republic of Belarus that are listed in the Red Book, the Venus shoe, the meadow slide (sleep-grass), the mountain arnica, the white water lily, the small spoon, etc., are of interest. Collection of any plant species from the list is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.