Red Book of Belarus

Red Book of Belarus

Protection of Nature in Belarus

The Red Book of Belarus is a list of plant and animal species threatened with extinction, or such a threat may arise as a result of the planned extermination of its representatives. Collection of plant samples, hunting for representatives of the fauna, which are listed in it, are strictly prohibited.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: not only species that are under direct threat of extinction are listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. It contains a “black list” — a list of those representatives of flora and fauna that are no longer found in Belarus.

The resolution on the creation of the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus was issued by the Council of Ministers of the BSSR in 1979. During its existence, it has withstood several reprints, with each new edition being replenished with new types and excluding some old ones, the threat for which passed:

  1. The first one-volume edition was published in 1981, the list included 80 species of fauna and 85 species of flora.

  2. The next edition of the Red Book (1993) was two-volume. The list has expanded and replenished.

  3. The third edition was released in Russian in 2006. It includes 189 species of animals and 274 species of plants, 24 - lichens and 29 - mushrooms. Some were eliminated over time, and some that were threatened with extinction added:

  • 63 new species were added to the “Fauna” section and, at the same time, 57 species were excluded,

  • 91 were added to the “Flora” section, 31 species were excluded, including 4 lichen species were excluded and 11 were added, and 3 mushrooms were excluded and 15 other species were added.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: to find out which species are under threat of destruction, it is not necessary to go to the library. More than ten years, since 2007, the full version of the Red Book is available on the Internet.

The Red Book of Belarus: the types and categories of environmental significance

There are 4 different degrees of threat to the representatives of the flora and fauna of Belarus:

  • Category I — it is assigned to species that face complete extinction in the near future. Their population can be restored only with the help of a person, in the course of the developed set of measures. These include representatives of the animal and plant world, which are of key importance for the nature of Belarus.

  • Category II — these include those species whose numbers are gradually decreasing and in the future they may face complete extinction (in the absence of a direct threat at the moment).

  • Category III is assigned to species that may hypothetically disappear in the future.

  • Category IV consists of species that are not included in the risk groups of the first three points.

Red Book of Belarus: animals

Lynx in Belarus  Black stork in Belarus  European bison

The animals of the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus are not limited to all known bison, to see where people come to Belovezhskaya Pushcha and other national parks of Belarus. Even those animals that, it would seem, are not so rarely found are threatened:

  • an ordinary lynx (if you have not yet been in Gomel, we remind that this animal is depicted on the coat of arms of the city above the Sozh);
  • Brown bear,
  • a badger;
  • swamp owl,
  • black stork,
  • common flying squirrel and others

VETLIVA warns: if you go fishing (for example, on holiday in a farmhouse), do not forget to get acquainted with the list of fish listed in the Red Book. Remember: ignorance of the law is no excuse!

Red Book of Belarus: plants

Venera's slipper in Belarus  White water lily in Belarus  Mountain arnica in Belarus

What could be better than bringing home in summer and putting a bouquet of fragrant wild flowers in a vase! However, remember that even a seemingly harmless plant may appear in the Red Book. Among the most famous are:

  • lady's slipper,
  • white water lily
  • mountain arnica,
  • bows meadow and others

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