Skis for everyone: rest in Raubichi, Silichi, and Krasnaya Polyana

Skis for everyone: rest in Raubichi, Silichi, and Krasnaya Polyana

What do you associate winter with? Probably with snow-capped peaks and dizzying descents from the mountains on skis, snowboards, or tubing. And Belarus has them here! Just remember Silichi and Raubichi, and the Belarusian health resorts are not lagging behind: for example, here you can use the service of renting winter equipment and go skiing along with the picturesque territory. However, if your soul longs for a full-fledged ski vacation, then VETLIVA will tell you where you can spend it.

Raubichi awaits: steep tracks for advanced snowboarders

Snowboard trails in Raubichi

Where: Minsk region, Ostroshitsky Gorodok, sport complex "Raubichi"

Infrastructure. Raubichi is not just a ski resort. Olympic athletes train here, and the complex itself can rightfully be proud of the highest category "A", thanks to which the largest international competitions have already been held here more than once.

If your soul yearns for extreme, this is the place for you. Steep descents, difficult turns, braking, which will take your breath away — local tracks are waiting for experienced skiers and snowboarders who have already covered hundreds of kilometers. For those yearning for winter sports, there are:

  • tracks with a length of 6.2 and 20 km;
  • the famous springboard K-74, on which you can perform dizzying stunts;
  • biathlon shooting range for 30 installations;
  • freestyle slope;
  • indoor skating rink.

And you can also celebrate the New Year in Raubichi, especially since the rich program of the tour is designed for people of all ages. Meet 2022, surrounded by friends and family, accompanied by an incendiary set of a cover band and a charming host, Grandfather Frost, and Snegurochka. And on the morning of January 1, street festivities and delicious treats from the chef await you. And all this is surrounded by the cleanest air and beautiful landscapes.

Hotel in Raubichi

There is a hotel in Raubichi where you can book a room and plan your vacation yourself. And even if you are not a winter sports fan, there is something for everyone here. Rest in the sauna, visit the gym and health center, indulge in a delicious lunch at a local café, or try to beat your opponent at billiards. And if you like winter fishing — take a tackle, book a transfer and try to catch a trophy in the Usyazha River or the Raubichi reservoir!

Silichi: for those who have always wanted to conquer skiing

Skiing in Silichi

Where: Logoisk district, "Silichi" center

Infrastructure. "Silichi" is a resort with the largest vertical drop in Belarus. Initially, the height of the hills was 76 meters, but as a result of artificial sprinkling, it increased by 24 meters. And now both beginners and professionals ride here, enjoying the descent from a height of as much as one hundred meters!

Not only the tracks but also the infrastructure of the complex are at a height. There is everything for an active holiday:

  • 9 ski slopes;
  • rink;
  • four-seater cable car;
  • all necessary equipment for skiing/snowboarding/tubing/skating (and the services of a professional instructor, if necessary);
  • artificial snowmaking, if the weather is not in its mood.

Advice from VETLIVA: are your kids crazy about sledding and tubing? Then you should celebrate the New Year in Silichi. There is a children's sports club where your little one will be taught how to ski under the guidance of an experienced instructor. And the child will be delighted with the descent along the smooth and absolutely safe tracks! So if you have run out of your own ideas on how else to entertain your child, take note.

Rent a house in Silichi

Renting a house for the New Year in Silichi is a great option to get everything at once. If you want to you may take a steam bath, raise your immunity, tone, and mood in the wellness center, gather a group of friends, and celebrate any event in one of the five cafes of the complex. There will definitely be no time to be bored!

Advice from VETLIVA: there are other options for winter recreation in Belarus, which we wrote about earlier. Choose, book, and cross out the dates in the calendar before the cherished day of departure!

Winter fairy tale in Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi

Recreation center in Krasnaya Polyana

Where: Krasnodar Territory, the city of Sochi, Kalinovaya street, 18

Infrastructure. Would you like to wake up in a luxurious room overlooking the snow-capped mountain peaks? Lockdown is not a hindrance to this when it comes to the Krasnaya Polyana resort in Sochi. The combination of a high level of Belarusian service and magnificent mountain landscapes is what you need to relax your body and soul. Moreover, the local infrastructure allows. Here you will find:

  • indoor and outdoor heated pools, swimming in which you can admire the mountain panorama;
  • SPA complex with a thermal zone and a wellness block;
  • comfortable rooms with everything you need to stay;
  • bowling and billiards;
  • playground, slide, and a special shallow water area in the pool;
  • transfer to the ski slopes at a convenient time for you.

Rest in Krasnaya Polyana

If you have not yet decided where to celebrate the New Year, then we recommend paying attention to tours in Sochi. There are offers for 5, 7, and 10 nights for those with limited time and those who want to get the most out of their vacation. New Year in Krasnaya Polyana 2022 is an opportunity to celebrate a holiday surrounded by stunning nature, have a great rest, and get a boost of energy that will last you for a long time. So do not delay your decision and book a tour to Krasnaya Polyana for the New Year, until there are no vacancies!

Ski holidays in Belarus and abroad: it's time to take everything from winter!

The arrival of a snowy winter is a great occasion to properly enjoy its gifts. Even if you have never skied, tried to do a trick on a snowboard, or don’t know what emotions a dashing descent on a tubing gives, it’s time to try something new for yourself. It doesn't matter if you choose a closer vacation, in Belarusian ski resorts, or decide to go on a long journey and visit Sochi — steep slopes, comfortable living conditions, and most importantly a generous portion of excellent mood awaits you everywhere! And the service of online booking and payment for travel services VETLIVA will continue to acquaint you with the most interesting and tempting options for recreation in our Blog. We are always ready to answer your questions by calling 7172.

Skis for everyone: rest in Raubichi, Silichi, and Krasnaya Polyana