10 ideas for awesome vacations in Belarus with kids

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10 ideas for awesome vacations in Belarus with kids

Summer vacations are in full swing, but you only dream of going to the sea? This is no reason to be sad! After all, there are so many cool places in our country that (we swear!) you have not seen yet. And about some of them, you may not even have heard. So, where to go with a child in Belarus? Catch 10 hot ideas from VETLIVA!

  1. Rest in Minsk and neighborhoods
  2. Weekends with children in Belarus
  3. Holiday in Minsk

    A family vacation in Belarus can be organized in many ways. It can be active and educational, exciting and relaxing. If you have already run out of options to surprise your child, we are ready to suggest some interesting ideas that will help you have fun with your child.

    Summer in Silichy

    Kids with entertainers in the woods

    Address: Minsk region, Logoisky district, Republican Alpine Ski Center "Silichy"

    How to unite your family even more? We'll tell you the answer: spend your summer in Silichy! The famous ski resort offers a new format of vacation in Belarus with a child. It doesn't matter if you choose the program for 3 or 7 days — every moment spent here will be full of positive emotions and impressions.

    You can be offered:

    • a fascinating exploration of the flora and fauna of the Minsk Upland;
    • archery tournament, where everyone can try to get the rank of the local Robin Hood;
    • bread baking, meeting the heroes of Belarusian mythology, and a trip to the starry sky;
    • volleyball and soccer matches;
    • historical quest "Saving Pane Kohanka", which only a close-knit family can cope with.

    Spend this summer so that the impressions will be enough for the whole winter!

    Trip to the “Stalin Line”

    A girl and two men ride a tank across the field

    Address: 31st km of Minsk-Molodechno highway

    Ride on a real tank? No problem! At the "Stalin Line", you can not only take pictures of the exhibits but also touch them, sit inside and even joyride on heavy vehicles. What kid wouldn't dream of it! And if you choose to ride an armored car BA-11, you can also shoot with its gun! Agree, this is cooler than the virtual battles in shooters.

    Take note: n the historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" there are constantly held different events. So if you want to get even more emotions and unforgettable impressions, plan a trip to any of the specialized holidays, such as the Day of paratroopers and special operations forces, the Day of Tankmen, or the Day of the Missile Forces and Artillery. The museum team makes every effort to reproduce the iconic battles of different times and that is why you will be fully immersed in the atmosphere!

    Visiting BELAZes

    Crowd of people near BelAZ

    Address: Minsk region, Zhodino, 40 let Octyabrya str. 4

    Look how small adults look against the monster of the domestic automobile industry! The plant where the majestic BELAZ trucks are produced is a perfect variant for a vacation with children in Belarus. No kid will stay indifferent, having seen such a huge behemoth! And when you get in the cabin of a dump truck, both children and adults will be shrieking with delight. It's only a short drive from Minsk, but the impressions will be extraordinary!

    Viking Heritage

    Drakkar, moored on the lake

    Address: Minsk region, Litvensky district, Sula village

    Looks promising, right? It's high time to try yourself as a mighty warrior of the Middle Ages! Dive aboard the drakkar and take a family trip "from the Varangians to the Greeks". And that's not the only fun that you can have during your excursion to Sula! Tastings, diving into the history from the beginning of time to the present day, fighting with real sabers — everyone from small to large will be entertained here.

    Advice from VETLIVA: If you are very short of time, and your child is hungry for new experiences, you can visit the “Museum of Cat'' or the museum “Strana mini”, spend a few hours at a water park or test your wits in a quest room.

    Upturned House

    The girl jumps in the upside down house

    Address: Minsk region, agro-town Dukora, ul. Shkolnaya 15

    There is one firm answer to the question "Where can you go with your child to impress him for real?": the Dukorsky Maentak. awaits you. The upturned house is a fun experience for the unprepared. With our eyes, we can see that it's a regular floor beneath our feet, but when our brains try to figure out why the furniture is on the ceiling, it usually fails. But what if your baby can do it without any problems? This means that the family is growing up the future astronaut!

    Although the upturned house is the highlight of the program, the Dukorsky Maentak is considered one of the best agricultural farms in Belarus not for nothing. Here are some reasons:

    • a glade of fairy tales, where your children will meet the characters from fairy tales;
    • beautiful historical buildings;
    • its brewery — tasting of local beverages is strictly 18+ 😉;
    • a tavern, where they cook Belarusian national dishes, and much more.

    Keep in mind that one day may not be enough for everything! So this is a good option for a weekend getaway in Belarus with kids: spend a weekend in Dukora and enjoy the local flavor.

    Where to go with children in Belarus: top 5 interesting routes

    There are many options for a really interesting vacation in the Sineokaya. We just often do not notice them and miss the opportunity to make our lives full of fun and happiness. So VETLIVA will repair this injustice here and now.

    Towards castles, secrets, and treasures!

    Entertainers in Scottish kilts near of the castle

    It's hard to imagine a vacation in Belarus with children without visiting its main architectural gems. There are a lot of castles in Belarus, and they are all good in their way. And even if your child does not like historical excursions and is indifferent to the beautiful architecture, he will love walking through the spacious halls and climbing to the high towers of castles. In addition, there are constantly held various events and festivals. And you can also find treasure and meet a ghost!

    An interesting fact from VETLIVA: it is believed that at one time several treasures were lost in the castles of Belarus. For example, 12 golden apostles disappeared in Nesvizh and no one still knows where the treasure is.

    A visit to the bisons

    Real belarusian bison in the field

    Address: Brest region, Kamenets district, agro-town Kamenyuki

    To see handsome beauties in their natural habitat is great! And you can organize this meeting not only in the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha but also in other national parks of Belarus. Nevertheless, we recommend you to visit the Pushcha and we'll tell you why.

    Do you know where the Belarusian Father Frost resides? That's right: the official residence of the main New Year wizard is located exactly in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha. However, this does not mean that the Grandfather does not receive guests in summer. On the contrary, he welcomes little guests all year round! Therefore, you do not need to wait for winter to give your child a holiday.

    Advice from VETLIVA: a visit to the Pushcha is included in the program of many different tours across Belarus. In just a few days you will learn a lot of new things, see amazing sights and visit places you haven't been to yet!

    Journey around Braslav lakes

    Family in life jackets in the boat

    Where to rest in Belarus with children so that the vacations will be memorable for them? Give them a water trip, because it's not only fun but also very interesting! Picturesque landscapes are passing by, the water reeks of coolness, and you are surrounded by your favorite family — that's just what you need to have a great vacation and to unite even stronger.

    You'll get acquainted with the 6 most famous lakes of the Braslav region:

    • Nedrovo,
    • Potech,
    • Derbo,
    • Nespish, where is the island Kláštor with the men's monastery on it,
    • Voiso,
    • Strusty, where the second largest island in Belarus Chaichin is located.

    You'll learn much about the national park "Braslav Lakes", take great pictures and have a perfect family rest.

    Ostriches, deer, and all

    Ostrich in front of the farm

    Address: Brest region, Kobrin district, village Kozishche

    Meet African ostrich who got accustomed to Belarus and feels quite at home in our country. And these beauties are bred in the village of Kozishche where one of the largest ostrich farms in Belarus is located.

    20 kilometers from Kobrin, you feel as if you are transported to the African savannah. Ostriches make themselves at home in the vast territory of the farm. Moreover, they willingly pose for tourists, and that's how these shots are captured. The tour only lasts an hour, so children won't get tired of it. Then, they'll have plenty of time to watch ostriches, peacocks, deer, and other animals from the local zoo. And, of course, take the opportunity to sample the local delicacies of ostrich meat and eggs.

    Nomadic lifestyle and friendly huskies

    A husky puppy lies in the grass

    Address: Minsk region, Borisov district, village Kostyuki, ul. Zelenaya, 9

    Even those who consider themselves cat people love charming huskies. And it is not surprising: the friendly breed charms at first sight! The same opinion is held by the owners of the "Nomad's Home" cottage, which is a reconstruction of a nomadic settlement. You will not find the usual houses here, as in other agro-houses: only Mongolian and Buryat yurts and Indian tipis.

    Here you will learn how nomadic peoples lived, perform Indian dances together with children and try to call the rain using tambourine. And after all this fun, you'll have tea with pancakes inside the yurt. And all this is accompanied by furry and loyal friends. Perfect pastime, especially if you don't have your dog!

    Your children deserve the best, and you can give it to them

    This is only a part of the options for a good vacation with children in Belarus. For example, if you miss the sea, you can go to one of the Belarusian water parks, there are complexes with water attractions in all regions of the country. Or acquaint your child with the cultural and historical traditions of Belarus in the open-air museums. Whatever option you choose — VETLIVA is always ready to develop the most interesting route for you and help your dreams come true!

10 ideas for awesome vacations in Belarus with kids