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Republican ski center Silichi

Republican ski center Silichi

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Address: 223116, Logoisk district, Logoisk, Minsk region, Belarus
Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Year of foundation 2005
Year renovated 2020
Distance from the center 37 km
Distance to airport 47 km

Comfortable holiday in a ski resort in Belarus.

Distract fr om city vanity, you can relax alone or with a cheerful company in the Republican ski center "Silichi". "Silichi" is a visiting card of the Republic of Belarus, where nature itself has created unique conditions for recreation. Today, as never before, sport and a healthy lifestyle are popular. Here you can ride skis or snowboard in the winter and also play football, big and table tennis, volleyball, mini-football, badminton, and basketball, visit the "Forest Lake" and get carried away by fishing . Uniqueness and accessibility, popularity and demand, this is the republican ski center "Silichi".

Why Silichi is one of the best places to relax in Belarus?

The Republican ski center "Silichi", in which we suggest you to relax throughout the year,  is:

• uniqueness and accessibility,
• popularity and relevance,
• comfortable rest in summer and winter.

A great opportunity to combine active tourism with cognitive.

Nearby is the ski resort "Logoisk", which we also recommend to visit. And lovers of ancient architecture will be able to enjoy the sights of Logoisk: the Tyshkevich manor, as well as the majestic temples - the church of St. Nicholas and the church of St. Casimir.

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Restaurant "Zavirukha"

The original interior of a cozy and simultaneously spacious hall will make your stay unforgettable and create a magical atmosphere at any event, be it a romantic dinner or a large corporate celebration. The restaurant is located in a quiet and cozy place where a sense of freedom and luxury harmoniously complement each other, allowing the visitor to relax from the noise of the city. The menu of the restaurant "Zavirukha" is an ideal tandem of both popular dishes and completely new culinary solutions. The restaurant consists of 3 rooms. Each of the halls is ready to host a banquet on the occasion of a wedding, an anniversary or a corporate event. Each of the halls has its own character and style.

Restaurant "Silichi"

Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere unite people, evoke the desire to assemble a wide range of friends and relatives. Thanks to the laconic interior and the restraint of the color scheme, for the banquet time, the restaurant can easily change its appearance. It all depends on your design decision, whether it's woven from light fabrics and fresh flowers, wedding interior, or a holiday in bright colors, suitable for both children's parties and parties. Restaurant "Silichi" - the main place for the transfer during breakfast, lunch or dinner for guests in the hotel and designed for 60 seats. It is worth noting that in the hot season the restaurant is complemented by a wonderful summer veranda.
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Sports and recreation

The ski center "Silichi" offers for the guests:

  • Cosmetology
  • Massage
  • Halotherapy
  • Light therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Inhalation
  • Balneotherapy
  • SPA
And many opportunities for outdoor activities in the summer: karting, paintball club, bicycles and rollers, tennis and badminton, volleyball and basketball, mini football, billiards, forest lake, amateur fishing and much more.
For active recreation in winter the complex offers: ski lifts, ski equipment, ski school, skating rink, tubing, snowmobile.
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Getting there

By Car
Access by car:

Geographic coordinates - & nbsp; 54 ° 9'24 "N, 27 ° 50'16" E.

By public transport

Traveling by public transport:

From Minsk from the Slavinsky dispatch station by bus # 350 at 09:35, 13:25 daily.

You can use transfer services


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ЛилияЛилияРоссия 18.01.2019

Мое искреннее признание началось с момента того, что ни в одной компании, кроме vetliva не смогла найти нужного тура. Спасибо, что сделали новогодние каникулы счастливыми и организованными, причём в последний момент. Очень удобный и понятный выбор путёвок, крайне профессиональные консультанты, которые оперативно помогали и отвечали на все занудные вопросы. После окончания выбранной путевки, возникло желание продолжить отдых в Белоруссии. И снова на помощь пришли профессионалы компании, которые предложили несколько достойных, альтернативных вариантов. Следующее путешествие в Белоруссию буду организовывать через Вас)

Спасибо за праздник и Ваш профессионализм)

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