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Healthcare facility “Brest Regional Clinical Hospital”

Healthcare facility “Brest Regional Clinical Hospital”


Healthcare facility  “Brest Regional Clinical Hospital”

                                                 Treatment departments:

Gastroenterological Department

Hematology Department

Infectious ward 

Cardiology Department

Cardiac Surgery Department

Neurological Department

Neurosurgery Department

Burn department

Orthopedic and Traumatology Department

Purulent Surgery Department

Intensive Care Unit

Department of coordination of organ and tissue collection for transplantation

Department of Eye Microsurgery

Department of Nephrology and Hemocorrection

Department of Vascular Surgery

Department of Thoracic Surgery

Transplantation department

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Otorhinolaryngological department

Pulmonary Department

Resuscitation and anesthesiology department  (cardioreanimation)

Rheumatology Department

Urology departments 

Surgery department

                                                 Diagnostic departments:

Angiography room

Isotope laboratory

Operating department

Department of Radiation Safety and Dosimetry

Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Department of Radiation Diagnostics (MRI, computed tomography)

Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics

Department of Functional Diagnostics

Emergency and Planning and Advisory Department

Reception Office

X-ray department

Physiotherapy Department

Endoscopic department

       A  kidney transplant has been introduced at the Brest Regional Clinical Hospital .

      In cardiac surgery and the endovascular department  , more than 1,500 heart surgeries are performed annually, including coronary artery bypass grafting on a working heart and cardiopulmonary bypass, correction of acquired heart defects, angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteries, stenting of large vessels of other organs (kidneys), implantation pacemaker. Emergency interventional care is being provided to patients with acute coronary syndrome with the installation of stents in the coronary arteries. 
Hybrid stenting operations + open surgical interventions on the heart, angioplasty and stenting with transradial access, recanalization of coronary artery occlusion, myocardial revascularization in acute myocardial infarction, bifurcational stenting of coronary arteries were introduced.

       In the department of purulent surgery , patients are treated with autogenous transplantation of mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells with pathology:

  • atherosclerosis obliterans of the lower extremities, Khan III Art. with critical ischemia, pain;
  • postphlebothrombotic leg disease in the stage of recanalization, CVI IV art. with trophic ulcers of the lower leg and foot;
  • varicose leg disease C5-C6, including a combined version with phlebectomy;
  • diabetic leg angiopathy in combination with neuropathy at the stage of trophic changes;
  • long-healing wounds, decubital ulcers of various etiologies.

Thoracic surgeons perform surgical treatment:

  • parasternal diaphragmatic hernia by the method of extraperitoneal transmiorectal hernia;
  • diaphragm relaxation by laparo and thoracoscopy, plication of a relaxed dome;
  • achalasia of the cardia with laparoscopic hardware esophagofundostomy;
  • thoracoscopic lung resection: thoracoscopic segment- and lobectomy;
  • endoscopic esophagoectomy and endoscopic plastic surgery of the esophagus by the gastric tube, simultaneous operations (endoscopic nephrectomy + pneumonectomy, coronary artery bypass grafting + lung resection);

       Traumatologists and orthopedists  perform hip and knee prosthetics, arthroscopic operations using an endoscopic stand.

       Otorhinolaryngologists  perform the operation of hearing augmentation, rhinostomyosseptoplasty under a microscope, strengthening the tympanic membrane with cartilage with retro-tympanic pockets.

       The Department of Eye Microsurgery  conducted intra and extracapsular cataract extraction, cataract extraction with implantation of intraocular soft lenses, surgery to correct strabismus, surgery for retinal detachment, scleroplasty with progressive myopia, optical coherence tomography and laser microsurgical interventions: laser retinal photocoagulation, laser distsiziya MIC, laser peripheral iridectomy for angle-closure glaucoma, laser posterior synechiotomy.

      In the urology departments  , laser laparoscopic excision of kidney cysts, laser contact ureterolithotripsy and cystolithotripsy, laser kidney resection, laparoscopic nephropexy have been introduced.


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