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State institution The Republican Scientific and Practical Center «Mother and Child»
Minsk region

Address: Minsk, Orlovskaya Street, 66, Minsk, Minsk region


      State institution The Republican Scientific and Practical Center «Mother and Child» of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus is the leading medical institution in the field of perinatal care in the Republic of Belarus. The Center represents a full range of medical services in the field of perinatology for citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens on a fee basis.

      Center «Mother and Child» gives an amazing opportunity to become parents, even; it would seem, in hopeless cases.

      Since 2006, infertility treatment with the use of assisted reproductive technologies has been carried out on the basis of the family planning department and assisted reproductive technologies. Over 9 years of the department’s work, more than 5000 cycles of assisted reproductive technologies were carried out, and 1800 children were born.

      Since 2008, the RSPC «Mother and Child» fetal microinvasive surgery has been successfully used, which includes:
- Fetoscopic correction of antenatal fetal pathology;
- Cordocentesis with intrauterine transfusion;
- Biopsies of chorionic villi in the first trimester of pregnancy (from 10 weeks 5 days to 13 weeks of gestation).

      Thanks to the center’s work, women who have high risks of pregnancy, with severe obstetric-gynecological and extragenital pathology, have a chance to feel the joy of motherhood. For example, during the current year, two patients became mothers, who had kidney transplants in the past and 15 patients who had undergone plastic surgery and prosthetics of valves and chambers of the heart.

      Also prolongation of pregnancy is carried out in women with discharged water at the gestation period of 24-28 weeks.

      Inpatient treatment is carried out in the rooms of high comfort. Both future mothers and newborns are surrounded with care and attention from the very first minutes of their birth.

      The Center has a genetic laboratory equipped with the latest modern equipment, whose specialists perform screening in newborns, biochemical and DNA diagnostics of metabolic diseases, molecular cytogenetic and DNA research in the field of hereditary pathology, carrying out a large volume of prenatal studies and biochemical screening of pregnant women.

      We also offer a program for diagnosis of hereditary and acquired thrombophilia, tandem mass spectrometry, a program for DNA diagnosis of the most common neuromuscular diseases, a program for the comprehensive diagnosis of hereditary causes of male infertility, a comprehensive program for diagnosing hereditary liver diseases, a program of intravital and prenatal diagnosis of lysosomal accumulation diseases and etc.

      Department of Medical Genetics of RSPC «Mother and Child» carries out:
  • Computer diagnostic program SinDiag
  • Diagnostic algorithms and medical genetic counseling in congenital and hereditary diseases
  • Algorithms of molecular-cytogenetic diagnostics of chromosome microconversion.
      After comprehensive examination and treatment, the patient is given detailed recommendations on further preventive and supportive treatment, lifestyle, to prevent relapse of the disease and maximum social adaptation.

      The team RSPC «Mother and Child» — a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, which has at its disposal the most modern diagnostic equipment and expert of high class.
Obstetrics and gynecology
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