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Minsk City Gynecological Hospital
Minsk region

Address: Minsk, st. Sennitskaya, 53, Minsk, Minsk region


The main objectives of the City Gynecological Hospital of Minsk are to provide medical care to patients, as well as the introduction of modern methods of examination and treatment of gynecological patients.

The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment, including expert class: Medison, Karl Shtorz, Olimpus, Roche Diagnostics, Karl Zeiss, etc.

Gynecologists-endocrinologists with many years of working experience will conduct a comprehensive examination which allows them to determine the patient’s health status, to make an accurate diagnosis and to choose the right treatment tactic.

There are 3 gynecological departments in the clinic, on the basis of which surgical interventions are carried out according to the profile “Gynecology”.
Obstetrics and gynecology
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