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Health and spa resorts of Belarus

Health and spa resorts of Belarus

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225155, Pruzhany district, Zapolie, Brest region, Belarus
Distance to Minsk: 240 km
Family holiday, the presence of children's water park, private beach on the shore of the reservoir.
Zhdanovichskiy s/s, 18/2, 223031, Zhdanovichi, Minsk region, Belarus
Distance to Minsk: 7 km
closest to Minsk health resort, where carried out the treatment of diabetes.
231753, Grodno district, Ozery, Grodno region, Belarus
Distance to Minsk: 252 km
Many wellness programs for weight loss, to fight with diabetes and for the rejuvenation of the body. Rehabilitation after pneumonia and COVID-19. Water park, bowling.
Mostok s/s, 7/10, 213114, Mogilev district, Mogilev region, Belarus
Distance to Minsk: 190 km
For health - this is for us. Excellent rest for children and adults.

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Distance to Minsk: 255 km


Rest and treatment in the sanatoriums of Belarus

Sanatoriums of Belarus are modern centers of recovery, where you can relax no worse than at European resorts. 

You can buy a ticket to the sanatorium at absolutely affordable prices and inexpensive. An excellent option is to take advantage of early booking discounts for the summer period and to follow on our portal for promotions to rest in sanatoriums

Also with the help of the filter on vetliva.ru you can easily pick up a sanatorium with a swimming pool or Spa services, choose a sanatorium-resort ticket or a voucher without treatment. The mineral waters, therapeutic mud and pleasant climate of the country will help you to enjoy the rest in the sanatoriums. And thanks to qualified specialists and modern medical equipment your health is guaranteed to regain its former strength. 

Do you plan a holiday in a sanatorium with a child? Many Belarusian health resorts accept children of any age. Special treatment programs and the sanatorium infrastructure are actively developing for them. 

Today, to be healthy is very fashionable, so tourists increasingly prefer quality treatment and rest in Belarus.