The railway hospital in Minsk

The railway hospital in Minsk


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This building is a real landmark of the capital. Nowadays anyone can see not only the main building of the establishment with ancillary outbuildings but also the only water tower in Minsk located nearby.

A narrow-purpose medical institution

The hospital was created with a purpose to serve exclusively employees of two lines - the Moscow-Brest line and Libavo-Romensky line. The initiator and sponsor of its construction was a society of the Moscow-Brest railway, which made a significant contribution to its development.

The first mention is found in written sources in 1889, but the exact date of the foundation is unknown. In its initial variant the infrastructure included only 6 beds and was housed in technical railway college.

A new building for 52 beds was built in 1914, but its opening ceremony took place only 8 years later. It was prevented by the World War I, which led to the necessity of forming a military hospital, where soldiers would receive all necessary and prompt treatment.

In the following years there was rapid development and capacity build-up that was due to financial support fr om the state. By the beginning of the World War II the number of beds had increased more than 2 times. Of course, during the war years the railway hospital, like many other state establishments, was damaged heavily, but next few years the entire infrastructure reached the previous level.

It should be noted that fr om 1953 till 1970 here was not only a medical institution but also a full-fledged consulting and treatment centre. During this period the number of beds reached 275 pieces.

In different years such talented and professional doctors, as Lebedkin, Konopelko, Dolgolikov, Grechikova, etc. worked here.

A new page of the history

In 1970 it was decided to move the famous medical institution that had changed its name into “The road hospital”.  Today it is known under the name of the 11thcity clinical hospital.

First the original building of the hospital served as an outpatient clinic, wh ere ambulatory care was rendered for railroad workers, but soon was completed the construction of a new outpatient clinic, located on Voronyansky Street.

Today, the city hospital has 545 beds and a staff of about hundreds of experienced doctors. Here are 11 main departments (the admission department; a well-developed surgical department wh ere take place truly unique and complex surgeries; rehabilitation, neurological, cardiac and trauma departments; a relatively young department of eye microsurgery; the department of palliative medical care “Hospice” and so on).

In addition, the hospital makes a significant contribution to scientific activities. So, on the basis of the medical institution operate departments of surgery of Belarusian State Medical University and Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education.

And thanks to the diversity and breadth of coverage here provides diagnosis, analysis and treatment of huge spectrum of diseases, including rare ones. The use of the latest and proven technologies makes all procedures as painless, fast and efficient as possible.

The railway hospital is not only an unforgettable attribute of the history, but also the evidence of all achievements in the medical field of recent years.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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