The building of the Grodno Regional Puppet Theater

In February 1940, the Central Puppet Theater of S. Obraztsov toured Grodno. Polish director Vladislav Yarema, his wife Stefania and the puppet theater troupe they created were here after the occupation of Poland.

With the support of S. Obraztsov, on February 2, 1940, the Grodno State Puppet Theater was opened under the direction of V. Yarema – the first professional puppet collective in the city.

The puppet Theater in Grodno led a semi-professional existence at the City House of Creativity until November 1, 1980, when, by decision of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, the Grodno Regional Puppet Theater was officially established. The troupe was formed from graduates of the Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute, the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema named after N. Cherkasov and graduates of the Grodno School of Culture.

The first performance that the audience saw on May 25, 1981, was the play "Ludwig and Tutta" by V. Bogach and S. Hristovsky based on the book by Ya.Ekholm in the production of S.Yurkevich and L.Bykov's scenography. The performances "Vasilisa the Beautiful" by E. Chernyak, "Sinbad the Sailor" by Y. Fridman and V. Shulzhik, "Cinderella" by E. Schwartz have become a real classic of the Grodno Puppet Theater, delighting several generations of viewers.

The performances created based on the famous fairy tales "Morozko" by M.Shurinova, "Beauty and the Beast" by Leprance de Beaumont, "The Road to Bethlehem" by S. Kovalev, immediately appealed to both children and parents. Recently, the theater has been working a lot with the youngest viewers in the "baby theater" format. The performances "Baby-Santa Claus", "Buka, the harmful hare" and "Who said "Meow?" were highly appreciated by young parents.

In 2012, the theater team with the production of "The Queen of Spades" won the II National Theater Award in four categories: best performance, best puppet theater performance, best direction and best female role. 

 In 2022, the play "Old World Landowners" became the best performance of the puppet theater at the International Theater Festival "Belaya Vezha".

The theater works enthusiastically and fruitfully for the adult audience. 


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