The layout of Lenin Square in Postavy

The layout of Lenin Square in Postavy


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Choosing the next point of your journey, you probably browse the Internet pictures how the attraction looks in our days. It is very important to imagine how the place where you are going will look.   What for? Perhaps you are planning a photo shoot, if this place has unusual buildings and architecture. Planning your journey, draw your attention to the town of Postavy.

The past

The market square of that northern Belarusian town was full of life in the second half of the 18th century.  The town located on two lakes was a possession of A. Tizengauz, therefore magnificent houses, which have survived till our days, were built in Postavy.

Let’s go back in the past to the very market square. Imagine how houses were built, pharmacies and offices of factories were located in them.  Residents of Postavy were walking slowly through the square, entered a covered market to buy the necessary products. Just imagine what a brisk trade was in those days! A hotel for travelers and visitors was built in Postavy.

The layout of the square

All the buildings built in the distant past have preserved to our days. They create the layout of Lenin Square. Unfortunately, the covered market ceased to exist: it was damaged during the Great Patriotic War. Today there is a small park on its place where one can sit and rest from the urban bustle in the shadow of trees.  

The place for a photo shot

The amazing beauty of gingerbread houses are still pleasing to the eye both locals and tourists. They are former houses of craftsmen; of course, they were restored but did not lose its beauty and attractiveness. It is known that only the front wall of the house was brick and all the rest were wooden.  In our days the houses are well kept, carefully covered with red tiles. Shops and administrative offices are located in these houses. The buildings, so well preserved in our time, receive proper care.  

Such a layout of Lenin square gives identity to the town of Postavy.  It is possible to arrange a photo session on the background of houses both in summer and in any other time of the year. You will surely enjoy such an unusual architecture preserved to our days. Photos will be quite original because it will be difficult to confuse the local colour with any other.

For a weekend

It is better to stay in the town for a weekend to experience the hospitality of the locals, enjoy the amazing views of Postavy, walk along the local streets and take some photos.  You will have unforgettable impressions of the town and its attractions.

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