Castle square and the bank building of the XIX century in Kobrin

Two main Kobrin attractions – Castle Square and the bank building were founded in the town in XIX century. Both places are attractive for tourists: they appeal with their history and many legends that cloak not only the sights, but the town itself.

Castle Square: historical summaries

The first mention about Castle Square in Kobrin dates back to the end of the XVII century. A small territory, where the Lower Castle and the Town Hall stood, was a little bit to the north of the old Market Square.

Due to the vicinity to the market, fairs were organized there in the old times. People often gathered to discuss the town affairs, they often celebrated holidays together. The square was called Castle as the Lower Castle stood nearby.

In 1915, the square was renamed in Commandant. It was at that time when the territory of Kobrin was under the occupation, so the spacious street began to wear such a strict name. It had lasted for three years, and with the First World War end, the square was renamed back – Castle.

Each new event greatly affected the life of Kobrin. Perhaps that was why the square had been renamed several times. For example, with the advent of the Soviet rule on the territory of Belarus, Castle street became known as “July 11”. After all, Minsk and the region were liberated from Polish invaders on that date in 1920.

The former Castle Square was once again renamed in 1921-1939. And then it was called Bank Square, and it happened because it stood next to the bank.

Along with the Great Patriotic War end, a new name came to the square. So it was called Komsomol Square. That name had been kept to a large street for a long time, but not forever!

After all, already in 1987 Kobrin celebrated the centuries-old anniversary – 700 years since its foundation. And in what way do you think it was decided to name the square?! “The 700th anniversary of Kobrin square”! At the same time, 7 of large boulders were brought in the square centre, symbolizing the town’s seven centuries.

The next renaming happened in 2003. It was at that time when it was decided to return the square its original name – Castle Square.

The bank building on the square

The bank building appeared on Castle square on the First World War threshold. In 1912, when Belarus was still a part of the Russian Empire, the authorities decided to open a loan noble bank on the territory of Kobrin. By the way, one of the square renamings was associated exactly with the bank.

During the First World War, the bank had ceased to exist as a financial institution, and then it housed a telegraph station. But in the following postwar years, it functioned anew for a while.

To the present day, the bank building is of cultural and historical value in the history of Belarus. It is made in the classical style: the walls are painted yellow and white, and the foundation – dark brown.

The small-arch windows give the building lightness and charm, and six columns installed at the entrance add grace and grandeur. Green areas cover the bank from prying eyes and cropped lawns make the place elegant.