Castle Hill. Reconstruction of historical buildings of the XII-XIV art.
Castle Hill. Reconstruction of historical buildings of the XII-XIV art.

We invite you to visit the unique monument of archeology - Castle Hill.

It is located at the address Mogilev region, Mstislavl, from the north along Zaslonov and Lenin Streets, from the east from Lenin Street to the intersection of Yurchenko Street and lane. Gogol, from the east - on Pionerskaya Street is in constant use of the cultural institution "Mstislavsky District Historical and Archaeological Museum".

The monuments of the past convey to us information about the life of our distant ancestors. Castle Hill is the original center of the ancient Mstislavl. The mountain is located on the high right bank of the Vihra River and rises 20 m above the water level. Mstislav Castle was located on the site of the Castle Hill settlement. It was surrounded by wide (about 60-100m) and deep (more than 25 m) ditches. The area of the mountain is about 2 hectares, it was fortified along the perimeter with an annular shaft (the south-eastern section was preserved). The place was almost impregnable. It was a natural barrier and protected the population from wild animals and belligerent neighbors.

On the top of the mountain there were felled defensive structures – gorodni, a multi-tiered wooden tower and an entrance gate. A high drawbridge connected the castle with the city. In the center of the settlement towered a powerful octagonal donjon tower, the lower tier of which was occupied by the temple. The tower was built in the XV-XIV centuries and has been updated several times. There was a deep well in the castle courtyard, which provided Mstislavl's defenders with water during the attack. Behind the strong walls there was a village, which gradually grew to such a size that people began to settle on the slopes of the mountain and its surroundings.

In the south and southwest, the fortress was adjoined by the fortified Mstislavl posad, which in the XII – XIII centuries occupied an area of 4.5 hectares. Together with the detinets , the territory of the city was about 6 hectares . The city's detinets quickly occupied the entire territory of the ancient castle hill. From the XII to the XVIII centuries. on the mountain there was a multi-tiered wooden castle, densely built up with residential and outbuildings, between which there were narrow streets, covered with logs.

Currently, a reconstruction of the historical buildings of the XII – XIV centuries has been carried out on the territory of the Castle Hill in Mstislavl with elements of museification (a donjon church, a preserved excavation of an ancient settlement, a gatehouse, observation towers, garodni.