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The castle tower in Nesvizh

The castle tower in Nesvizh


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This is one of the greatest example of saving beauty and grace throughout centuries without any changes. It’s surprising but in spite of all wars, cold winters and exhausting hot the tower still stays without any breaks. Every visitor is impressed with its greatness and harmony however it was built to strengthen and protect the castle.

The history of the complex

First the tower was thought to be a logic and necessary prolongation of Nesvizh castle. They were joined by a long wall that was broken in 18th century in 1706 when Belarus         participated in the North war. Only one element of the complex was saved, it was Slutsk gates. It’s noteworthy that originally there were two towers, at two sides of the gates. So for a long time, Nesvizh was a reliable and safe fortification.

The building itself is an rchitectural example of the 16th century. The idea was realized by Yan Maria Bernardoni who owned a part of it. The complex was financed by Nicholas Christopher Radziwill “the Orphan”, the owner of the castle.

Because of the ruined wall the tower stands lonely in the shadows of the trees not far from the church of Lord’s body. There are also another Nesvizh places of interest – Kaplitsa Bulgarina and a former Jesuit monastery, Ratushnaya square and The house of craftsmen.

Architectural peculiarities

Speaking about the construction of the tower there are special items that make it so incomparable and original, especially the contrast between brick wall and white cornices. It’s simple but this amazing combination makes the tower an example of real classic Baroque. There are also typical for that style decorative elements and paintings.

The castle tower is based on three levels of square cross-section. Each level has bays of different forms and sizes and it’s a feature of traditional baroque style.

Nesvizh nowadays

This city is visited by tourists very often. There are a lot of excursions and tours. The most impressive thing there in the tower that was a part of monumental complex. The view near it is spectacular because there is a river near by. d to create English park and garden in the courtyard. Hornbeams, maples, and pines were planted on the territory of the estate. Special attention was paid to the ponds. An apiary and orangery were built as well.

In the 18-19th centuries, the Volovich family estate was surrounded by moats. Some are partially preserved today.

At the end of the 18th century, the owner Volovich lost his family estate. New owners could not pay debts. In the 30s of the 20th century, during the government use of the palace, it was reconstructed and it became a medical clinic. Only fireplaces, door frames and some stucco works are preserved nowadays.

In Soviet times, the palace was used as a resort. However, for a long time, nobody reconstructed the palace. It is known that a large-scale reconstruction is planned. After reconstruction, the palace of the 18thcentury should become restaurant and hotel complex with a beautiful park.

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  • Minsk - Budslav - Glubokoe - Berezinsky reserve - Center of Europe - The reserved island - Dudutki - Nesvizh (overnight in the castle) - Mir – Minsk
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  • Minsk - Budslav - Glubokoe - Berezinsky reserve - Center of Europe - The reserved island - Dudutki - Nesvizh (overnight in the castle) - Mir – Minsk
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