Reserve "Islands of Duleba"
The reserve was created in order to preserve a valuable natural complex, including a marsh massif, which plays an accumulative role for a cascade of rivers originating here, as well as a valuable forest area characterized by the presence of significant areas of high-age plantings, rare in their floral composition, aesthetic, environmental and soil-protective properties. These forest and swamp territories provide favorable conditions for the conservation of a number of rare and unique species of plants and animals, as well as plant and animal communities characteristic of the past and rare now for this area, which are now under threat of extinction. The Republican reserve "Duleba Islands" is studied by specialists from various scientific institutions of the Republic of Belarus and European countries. According to experts, the territory of the reserve "Islands of Duleba" represents the best preserved wildlife area in the Mogilev region.

Ecological routes have been laid out on the territory of the reserve, focused on small organized groups of tourists and tourists. The most visited route for tourists is an excursion to the island of Veremeyevka, which is located 12 km from the village. Usakino.

The island of Veremeevka is located in the middle of a swamp, which can be reached by gati. On this island there are 18 single and one mass grave - burials of soldiers of the special detachment "Glorious". In 2019, this memorial site was awarded the status of a historical and memorial burial place.