All Saints’ Church

Places of interest in Minsk: All Saints’ Church

All Saints’ Church is a real pride of Minsk city. “The monument-cathedral in honor of all Saints and the died without a blame” is the highest cathedral in the Commonwealth of independent States. Its height is 74 meters and it strikes with its grace locals and travelers. The original architectural idea was to build an unusual cathedral in a form of a marquee and a cross. A marquee is a symbol of god’s mother based of the number 9. The cathedral has 5 golden domes. Each dome was set up in honor of all Belarusian Saints, innocent people killed in prisons, dead children and soldiers who lost their lives for the motherland.

The history of building

The history of All Saints’ Church began in 1991 when The Holiness Patriach of all Russia Alex II consecrated the foundation stone. But the decision about the building had been made up a year before. The place was chosen near the east cemetery where a lot of famous Belarusians were buried. In 1996 Lukashenko put a capsule with a memory letter into the foundation of the cathedral. The project was started in summer of 2006. The church was opened on July, 2, 2010. The monument-cathedral has a unique crypt where in 2010 dust of unknown soldiers of the First and the Second World War was buried. There are more than 500 niches in the crypt. Each niche has a vessel with the ground from all important historical battle places. The crypts are made of marble, granite and onyx. These materials are used to create the atmosphere of eternity.

What to see

Coming up to the church you will see long stairs as they lead to a palace. Near the church there is a fountain. In the middle of the fountain there is a monument in honor of Moses. The image is striking. Moses stand on a rock and water like the ocean gives way to him. The monument is made for christening. There is a special baptistery nearby. Not far from it you will see “Bukvitsa”, a small where icons, candles, crosses and other religious items are sold.

Your breath will be taken when you enter All Saints’ Church. The decoration strikes with its luxury and grace. There are 3 side or special altars^ in honor of John the Baptist, the icon of God’s mother “Give me relief from my sadness” and all Saints. Each side is painted in a certain colour. For example the side of god’s mother is blue, white and cherry. There 9 life scenes of John the Baptist on the walls of the cathedral.

By the way The monument-cathedral in honor of all Saints” forms up a complex that has the House of mercy and the trinity Church built  in traditional Russian style. The center of the church is made in a form of an octagonal drum.

The monument-cathedral in honor of all Saints is one of outstanding sightseeings of Minsk. Should you visit that city, drop into that glorious church.