Resurrection Church

Places of interest in Minsk: the Resurrection Church

The Resurrection Church is situated in a picturesque district “Green meadow” in Minsk city and it’s the most beautiful place of that quarter. It was opened in 2008. But in the 16th century as people say there was a wooden church and at that time it was the home for the ill, injured and aged people. Later the church looked differently; it became a new orthodox cathedral. But in 1844 it was closed and after it totally ruined. The materials of that church were used in building a new Minsk cathedral in honor of the Protection of the Virgin.

The project of its construction was confirmed in 1995 by Minsk public council of the deputy. The foundation and consecrating of the first stone were held by the Patriarch Alex II. As usual a capsule with a commemorative certificate was put in the foundation. Crosses were consecrated. Domes were set up and on April, 30, 2006 the Resurrection Church welcomed the first believers.

Now there is a parish church school for children of all ages. There are Russian and vocal classes, creativity and ceramics group. Due to parishes’ donations the Resurrection Church publishes the newspaper ‘Verbochka”. The church library has worked for 8 years and there are more than 15000 books. If you have books that you can donate you are welcome.

Should you be in “Green meadow”, visit the Resurrection Church built in neorussian style. The cathedral is divided into 2 churches. The lower one is crypt in honor of John of Korma and the upper one is in honor of Jesus’ resurrection.

In Jesus’ resurrection church there are more than 15 sanctuaries. The interior design is not luxury. It’s reserved and classical. The walls are decorated with icons and paintings. The resurrection Church is very up-to –date. It has a website where you can visit a virtual 3D tour around the church. It also has accounts in “VK” and ”Facebook” where you can get the latest news about the cathedral.

The Resurrection Church supports and develops Belarusian Cossacks. In 2010 thanksgiving service was held in honor of 15-years anniversary of Belarusian Cossacks’ rebirth. A lot of cassocks from Russia and Ukraine came to the event.  In its turn, Belarusian Cossacks help to build city churches.

The Resurrection Church in Minsk is one of favorite sightseeing of locals and curious travelers and people who seek for spirit enlightenment. You can come the church on your own as well as with a religious or pilgrim tours.