Military hospital in Minsk

The history of this oldest medical center in the capital of Belarus demonstrates the gradual development of war and surgery treatment in the field and some other spheres in medicine, starting from Napoleon wars and ending with modern times. In addition to its inestimable contribution to the making of contemporary medicine, a state establishment named “432 Order of the Red Star the main military clinical medical center of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus”, which building is located on 26 Masherova Street, is of great historical value.

The history of this establishment started already in 1805, when Tsar Aleksander I ordered to build a temporary military hospital for 150 seats. At that time few people could imagine that a temporary hospital would become a permanent one. Though, in almost 20 years the medical facility was closed. In 1828 Nicholas I opened the hospital, but as a permanent one and gave it the first class. Later on, the institution was redesigned several times - the hospital specialized in treatment of the sick and wounded military servicemen until 1917.

19thcentury is considered to be one of the most difficult in military hospital development history. At that time doctors knew little about viral and microbal causes of some diseases. And it killed not only patients themselves, but also doctor staff.

Not only joyful moments can be seen in the hospital history. On June 22-24 in 1941 the institution was ruined in the course of German aircraft bombarding. All people, who managed to stay alive at that horrible minutes of the beginning of war, were urgently evacuated. After these events the hospital was moved outside the city, however right after the end of the war the hospital was moved back to Minsk. During the Great Patriotic War time about 60 000 sick people received treatment here, most of them could return home and live on further.

Despite the fact of lack of specialized building, doctors and medical staff continued to treat the wounded. There were departments of surgery in the school building on Myasnikova Street and in the tents of the military town, here surgical and dressing stations operated. More often the buildings had poor heating, hot water was taken as a luxury, there felt good clothes shortage and lack of pharmaceutical products as needed. But that never stopped for a moment the work of the doctors.

Since that moment the hardest life of the Soviet people on restoration of destroyed in the course of war buildings and construction of the new ones, including the military hospital, was begun. In 1947 a boiler house, which allowed the hospital premises to be heated, was built.

In postwar time the hospital came to be developed actively: its own laundry, a main medical building appeared, specialized departments started to operate. Since 1945 and until today the hospital’s doctors have upheld more than 30 theses, published more than 700 articles in scientific magazines.

Nowadays the hospital is partially redesigned – army doctors are trained here. It is noteworthy, that so far there are no similar medical institutions all over the Republic of Belarus.