Water towers of the 19th century in Grodno

Water towers of the 19th century in Grodno

Grodno is one of the main Belarusian cities, where the tourist trail will never overgrow. There are a lot of medieval castles and churches that attract tourists fr om Belarus and neighboring countries. Grodno is often compared with the old city of Krakov and luxury Prague. Among the rich list of the main attractions are water towers of the 19th century located in Grodno. A person who heard of the towers for the first time may ask a question: Why are the two water towers located in Grodno? What is special about them to fill up the list of Belarusian historical and cultural heritage? Why do they have such fancy names – “Kasya” and “Basya”?

The water towers in Grodno appeared at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, one just before and the other one later. Both towers are quite high: each of them is more than twenty meters. To determine the style of the buildings is rather time-consuming task even for experienced professionals. Often it is associated with an eclectic architectural style. It is believed that firstly the South Tower appeared on a map, which has more low-key and modest look, where the decoration of doors and windows is a noble white and two floors are separated with ornate cornices. The exterior of the North Tower is brash, flashy and impressive: the inquisitive traveler will find everything fr om pilasters and curly frames on the walls. The floors of the tower are made of wood. In general, it looks more extravagant than the previous one. The towers were built in Grodno, after laying the water supply in the city. The second tower was built when the first tower was unable to cope with the increasing amount of water consumption and water pressure needed for the settlement.

These wonderful towers are not used for its intended purpose. The workshops of local artists, where they create, are located here, and you can witness their first-class work. One of the towers has a small balcony, wh ere enterprising artists have organized an original flower garden. An interesting fact is that the first and the second tower have their proper names: Kasya and Basya. It's hard to say wh ere which one is. And it is difficult to remember the legend, when the information about it originated. Some people believe that it happened because of the ladies worked in the towers: the first lady Kasya worked in the first tower and the girl Basya in the second one. Another legend says that a famous person in Belarus, Veremeychik prepared a personal diploma, and called the tower with female names just for convenience. Near one of the tower peacefully sits a fat black cat, looking at a little starling. It sits out of reach for the cat, and is not afraid to be eaten.

The water towers of the 19th century rightfully belong to the Belarusian historical and cultural values located in the heart of the old city of Grodno and attract the attention of curious tourists with their original appearance.

The towers are worth visiting. “Kasya” and “Basya” always welcome dear guests!