Wind electric generator in the village of Zanaroch

Wind electric generator in the village of Zanaroch

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The problem of air pollution comes forward all over the world. That is why many countries increasingly think of alternative power sources installation. The installation of wind generators is considered to be one of the most popular ways of getting additional energy without emissions of pollution into the environment. Belarus, by the way, is one of few countries, where this way of alternative energy sources gaining, is actively used.

However, unluckily, the conditions in Belarus are not ideal for gaining wind energy. The resources can only be used on 5%, as a generator can be installed not everywhere due to the relief. But Belarus still can be proud of several large wind power plants.

One of them is located in Myadelsky district of Minsk region in the village of Zanaroch. This is a small agro-town with population about 600 people. Two wind electric power installations, which can be noticed right at the entrance to the township, are built here. It is noteworthy, that wind generators is a real innovation for Belarus, that is why they are of great interest for tourists.

The agrotown of Naroch, in addition to such installations, attracts the guests also with the ruins of the Orthodox church, built in the early 20th century, but unfortunately almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. There is also a memory wall of the dead in the Great Patriotic War.

By the way, the first wind electric generators appeared yet in Ancient Egypt and slightly differed in structure from the modern ones. Even then, people tried to use natural “conditions” for their lives simplification. Thanks to the wind mills obtained energy, peasants ground corn into flour or lifted water to the necessary height.

Choosing a specially suitable according to all necessary standards place for the wind electric generators installation is not an easy task. An installation of similar facilities requires large free space. To the present day there are a lot of different types of wind generators, the installation of which allows not to pay attention to the relief of the territory. However, it is not typical for Belarus still, as the very wind generator is an innovation for our country.

Wind electric generators in the village of Zanaroch produce annually about 1,3-1,4 million kWh. Such amount of energy is enough to provide at least the agro-town of Zanaroch and neighbouring small populated areas with heat and light.

Unfortunately, only two wind “mills” are installed in the village of Zanaroch. However even they strike with their power. It should seem, a typical industrial construction, there is nothing beautiful and surprising in it. But it is most likely to be a mistake. Enormous in its size, located in the open air wind installations in good fair and sunny weather are the reflection of Belarusian contemporary art. We can say for sure, that it is not just an energy accumulation system, but a structure of indisputable beauty, which along with natural components makes an impression on even the most “pampered” tourists.

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