Zhukovsky manor house in the agro-town of Dashkovka
The building is an architectural monument in the Art Nouveau style with eclectic elements. It was built in the late XIX - early XX centuries. The estate belonged to the Zhukovsky family. They also built a stone house.

Most of the ground floor was occupied by a dance hall, where balls and dance evenings were often held. A tower adjoined the southern end of the building, from which a beautiful view of the Dnieper River, wide flood meadows and forest opened.

In the second half of the XIX century, a park with symmetrically planted trees was laid on the Zhukovsky estate on the high terrace of the Dnieper. Along the main east-west compositional axis there was a central entrance alley – the front part of the park with a large circle of 50 meters and a manor house built on the edge of the terrace. Peasants were forbidden to enter the park. Only Pan, his relatives and friends could rest here. Part of the park has been preserved to this day.

During the Patriotic War of 1812, the manor house housed the main dressing station for Russian soldiers, where medical care was provided to the wounded.

Today, the Dashkovsky Village Executive Committee is located in the former Zhukovsky estate.