The Estate of the Sventorzhetskys in the Village of Malinovshchina

You will find a small village of Malinovshchina not far from Minsk, which is often visited by tourists from other regions of Belarus. One may wonder what’s so special about this remote place? The answer to this question is hidden in the local architectural and historical attraction - the estate of the Sventorzhetskys.

Malinovschina belonged to Dukes Golshanskys until the second half of the 16th century. The Radziwills owned this land by the end of the XVI century. Two centuries later, nobleman Stanislav Sventorzhetsky bought farms in Vysokovshchina and Usha. So begins the history of the estate house of the Sventorzhetskys.

Outbuildings began to appear gradually: chapel, distillery. Jakob Sventorzhetsky ordered to build several plants in the territory of Malinovschina: flour milling, wine-making, and starch factory. The park appeared at the same time. By the way, an Italian architect designed the park, who stayed in Belarus after the war of 1812. The family tomb of the Sventorzhetkys, which has an unusual design and shape, was built according to the same Italian architect’s project.

In the late XIX - early XX century, the estate of the Sventorzhetskys was known throughout Minsk guberniya as a unique and beautiful park, which covered 10 hectares. The decorative water system was built in the park: 12 ponds created a real water cascade, which in summer amused the hosts and guests of the estate.

The Sventorzhetskys had a special, exquisite taste in the arrangement of the house interior. The estate was one-storey, built of stone and covered with wood. The house stood in the middle of the park. The walls of the estate were decorated with large windows and there was a colonnade in the center. The entrance to the estate was decorated with massive oak wood doors. Steps inside the house were paved with white marble; a small terrace near the estate was limited by a balustrade.

The owners exhibited their hunting trophies, had archival rooms and unique library. The Sventorzhetskys were fond of collecting various art pieces, which proudly exhibited in the rooms of their sweet home. There was another interesting fact that local people tell visitors. The Sventorzhetskys got an unusual pet – it was a bear, who always walked around the park and even handshook the guests!

Almost all estate buildings have been preserved to present days. The house, however, was given to the distillery "Malinovshchina". You can also look at the house for servants, laundry, kitchen, barn, and obelisk, erected in honor of the founder of the estate, Mikhail Sventorzhetsky. The family tomb of the Sventorzhetskys is considered the landmark of the village.