The Merzheyevsky family estate in the village of Grozov

The Merzheyevsky family estate in the village of Grozov

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The Merzheyevsky old-aged family estate keeps a big secret for many centuries in the village of Grozov. The house is empty now, but nevertheless, it has its own unique, unlike any other history. Very little is written about it in historical documents, so the information was gathered piece by piece.

The small village of Grozov or Grozovo, as it can still be found in literature, changed its owners many times during its existence. It has been known since the first half of the XVI century and first belonged to the Olelkovich family, then the Radziwills, after them to the Nezabutovsky family. Only in the late XVII century it has received the status of a township, but at the end of the XX century it became the Merzheyevsky family property, which began to build their estate there.

The house was located in the very middle of the most beautiful park and had a rectangular shape. Its entrance was decorated with two columns; there were huge beautiful vases on them. Unfortunately, they have not been preserved until now. They say that being a real rose fancier, landowner Merzheyevsky planted the most exotic and rare types in vases, which added incredible beauty to the house entrance.

There was a small park on the north side of the building, where various types of trees and shrubs grew. They were mostly mere deciduous, so were planted on the north side of the house, as this type of trees are unpretentious to weather conditions. A one-storey building was constructed in the same part of the park, which served as a winter garden and an orangery. In summer, the plants were brought outdoors and not only did they create an incredible beauty, but also spread the pleasant sweet-smelling fragrance in the park.

The park also had two small ponds, which haven’t survived till this time. The most beautiful paths led to them from the house. The estate was located on a hill, so the paths to the ponds looked like descents, which were planted with linden and barberries trees around from both sides. One can only imagine what a pleasant aroma was there in warm seasons!

During the war, the estate was overtaken by a big trouble: the palace was burnt down. Only cellars were left of it. So, the restoration work began with them in 1952.

With the Soviet authority’s advent to power and right up to 1975, a school and then a hostel were located in this building. Now we can see only ruins there, which are not even reconsrtucted. The park has not preserved till the present time, neither have the ponds.

There is a version that in the 2000s the building was auctioned for sufficiently small money at that time. It was assumed that the estate would be restored, and the house would get its original appearance. It was planned to open a recreation centre in it. However, the reconstruction works ended up only with the building being surrounded with scaffolding.

Now the estate stands empty. The tourists who are interested in the history of Belarus must visit this place to plunge into the Merzheyevsky family lifetimes, imagine their way of life, to evaluate the atmosphere of the antiquity.





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