The Krasinsky family estate in town of Svisloch

The Krasinsky family estate in town of Svisloch


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Svisloch is a perfect picturesque place in Grodno, where an architectural monument of a stunning beauty was founded, commonly known as the Krasinsky family estate in the town of Svisloch.

Svisloch is one of the oldest Belarusian towns, which covered a unique historical path, which began approximately in the XIII century. In the old days, not only the Slavs lived in Svisloch, but also the Balts, and then the Jews and other nationalities joined them. The town developed in a lightning-quick pace, so it fell a big game for many enemy states fr om time to time. It is known for sure that the place had been under the yoke of the Sweden for some time. Lithuanian senator Tyshkevich played the most important role in the development of Svisloch. He fully rebuilt the town and changed its appearance into a positive direction. The town distinguished during the uprising of 1863-1864 as well, when emblematic battles of the local gentry with the royal gendarmerie occurred on its territory. From the outset, Svisloch was prepared a hard fate: the prolonged occupation of Kaiser troops during the First World War and the Nazi invaders in the most difficult period of World War II left a scar on the town and its residents. Now Svisloch is a picturesque town of Grodno region with a rich past, a happy present and an optimistic future.

It is noteworthy that the Krasinsky family estate in the town of Svisloch is completely restored and resembles a toy house. Currently a variety of the most important town institutions are located in the estate, from the local agricultural enterprise administration and its thematic museum to a dance studio and a library.

The Krasinsky family estate in Svisloch town appeared on colourful Grodno region map at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries and spread out near the place wh ere the river Svisloch flows. The central place in this estate is given to a grandiose house, built in the popular in those years style of Art Nouveau. A park of a stunning beauty and an alley of hornbeams are located in the neighbourhood of the house. The majestic river Svisloch flows nearby. A curious fact was that both local and exotic timbers were planted in the estate park: American linden, buckeye, Weymouth pine. The park belongs to the number of natural monuments and is in the possession of the local farm. A small amount of outbuildings and the workers’ house remained not far from the estate house.

The Krasinsky family estate in the town of Svisloch is in excellent condition. People from all over Belarus come to admire the beauty and grandeur of the estate house, as well as the park complex, which spread out at its bottom, and so that to wander with pleasure through the picturesque places with birds chirping, and to reflect on the past.


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