Manor of Khreptovichi in the village of Shchorsy

Manor of Khreptovichi in the village of Shchorsy


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There are such places on earth that can take your breath away. They can be just sculptures like those, for example, on Easter Island, or just stones like the English Stonehenge. There's something special and mysterious about their simplicity. The estate of Hreptovich family in Schorsy village, at first glance, is just ruins that have survived to our days. But it is not so – there is something that does not allow to call this place just ruins. That estate lived a very amazing life in times gone by.

What was that life like? You can't wait to see what happened in Schorsy village in ancient times? How gorgeous was that palace and who built it? Choose this amazing route. You will not regret any minute if you go to this village in Novogrudok district.  

But before you go, are you ready to learn more about the estate? Let's start with the fact that the project of the future palace-park estate of the Hreptovich family in Schorsy village was designed by the Italian architects Giuseppe Sacco and Carlo Spampany in the XVIII century. So, there was erected a beautiful complex somewhere between 1770 and 1776 years. It was famous for its beauty all around. An English garden, a large park and numerous ponds were created in the estate of the Hreptovich family.

That entire external splendor caused admiration and envy throughout the district and even beyond it. The inner decoration estate of the Hreptovich family was of original beauty. First of all, the thing is that Joachim Hreptovich created a library in the manor house. His collection included a huge number of books. That legendary collection was transferred to the descendants of the Hreptovich family in Kiev, and it is still there.

Thanks to the Hreptovich family, a parochial school was established at the estate in Schorsy. It let peasants open a real world of knowledge. Joachim was a well-rounded man. In his estate, he established the production of cheese according to Swiss recipes. Those cheeses were supplied to St. Petersburg. Beers and bread from Schorsy village were famous far beyond Belarus. The estate also produced bricks, raised fish. Brood horses from Schorsy village were also well known.

The estate was also known for the fact that its owner respected peasants. He gave them land and helped to establish their business. That contributed to the fact that the residents of Schorsy lived comfortably and were largely free in their rights. It was not accident that the manor house was adorned with the inscription “Peace and Freedom”. It was a basic tenet and principle of life of people who tried to make the lives of others better.

Every journey is a chance to change your life for the better. You will be able to open a new page of the Belarusian history and culture. Your trip will become an unforgettable experience. Come to the estate of Hreptovich family in Schorsy village! 

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