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The Estate of the Bykhovets Family in Kashtalyanovchina

The Estate of the Bykhovets Family in Kashtalyanovchina


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Some estate buildings built in XIX-XX centuries preserved in the village Kashtalyanovschina of the Glubokoye district, the Vitebsk region. The Bykhovets family owned this estate. Many representatives of the Bykhovets family served as officers in the army and held positions in the education sector.

The Bykhovets family owned the land in the village Kashtalyanovschina and other estates in the west and north of the country. They differ from other Belarusian noble families since they recorded their own unique history - "the Bychowiec Chronicle”. This chronicle is the third set of the Lithuanian-Belarusian chronicles. Manuscripts became one of the most valuable sources of information on the history and development of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania prior to 1507. This chronicle, by the way, is covered with legends and myths: after its publication in 1846, the manuscript disappeared. Its location is unknown.

The estate building in the village Kashtalyanovschina is considered a monument of architecture dating from XIX-XX centuries. Nowadays, you can see only a barn, stables and several outbuildings. Unfortunately, the estate house was not preserved. Near the estate, there are the remains of an old mill, which was dismantled by local people.

It is difficult and even impossible to imagine how the estate house looked like. There is no information, no pictures, no paintings of artists, no stories of inhabitants and old residents. That is why local people can’t tell much about this estate complex. Even the walls of preserved brick buildings are in bad condition. It is unknown what happened here. It is quite possible that the village Kashtalyanovschina was known as a center of high life, visitors came to participate in balls. On another hand: it was a quiet place, only the Bykhovets family came here to walk in the park and spend time with family.

The preserved buildings do not reflect the entire history of that time but still interesting for tourists. Local people do not pay attention to the complex, but a small preserved park is their favorite place. In summer children like playing in the park, inhabitants like bike or horse riding or just spending spare time in the shade of trees.

The barn, stables and the remains of the mill still surprise guests of this Belarusian corner. Despite the bad condition of buildings, architects, artists, and poets, who are looking for inspiration, come here. Be sure, they find it here!


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