The 19th century estate in the village of Kamenka

The 19th century estate in the village of Kamenka


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As it is known, the Republic of Belarus is the land of not only rivers, lakes and forests of amazing beauty. This is the land with a rich history, and no less amazing architectural heritage of the past centuries. There is a huge variety of historical, cultural and architectural monuments, many of which are directly protected by the state in every corner of our country. However, now we are talking about the equally fascinating architectural heritage of our country - this is a 19th century estate in the village called Kamenka, which is located in Minsk region. It is worth noting that the village’s very name is quite common. As it is mentioned in many literary sources, there are more than sixty of them only within the modern Republic of Belarus. Small rivers with a hard sandy and rocky bottom, as well as land allotments with sandy and stony soils were named like that. Settlements that arose near such rivulets and on such allotments often borrowed their names as well.

Kamenka is a small village in Minsk region, where one rather fascinating attraction is located. On the territory of this village there are ruins of an ancient barn, which belonged directly to the estate house several centuries ago. Unfortunately, the history of this building is still a mystery today. However, it is known that this structure dates back to the 19th century. The thick walls in which both the old brickwork and the newer one are seen, are the most remarkable. The central entrance of this barn still retains its ancient appearance. In the general picture the remains of ancient columns, high ceilings and absolutely indestructible deep cellars can be pointed out.

It is impossible to ignore the fact, that today this structure has completely lost its look, and only a likeness of former noble owners has been preserved. It is worth noting, that there was also a picturesque park on this territory in the old days, which basis of gardening was comprised of mainly birches and lindens. The area around this park was fenced with a wall of wild stones and a birch grove. The territory of the entire estate house on its western and northern sides was also fenced with the same wall. A small fir-tree alley led to the house fr om the western border. A significant part of the landscape park is situated on a hillock, and in fact, a delightful view of the lake, which has overgrown with reeds over time, opens from any point. This park has lost a large number of centuries-old trees to the present day. Its landscape part was severely disturbed with self-sowing. In 1986, the caring inhabitants of Kamenka village, headed by N. M. Ivanov, cleared 4/5 of the former park territory along its entire perimeter, wh ere afterwards birches and spruces were planted.

Everyone, who travels through the villages of the Republic of Belarus, is undoubtedly ought to visit this amazing and mysterious place - a 19th century estate house in the village of Kamenka.



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