Bobruisk Regional Museum of Local History
In 2007, after obtaining the status of a legal entity, the museum was renamed the "Bobruisk Regional Museum of Local Lore".

The museum consists of 4 halls. The history Hall of the Bobruisk district covers the period from ancient times to the end of the XX century. The expositions include exhibits from the Stone and Iron Ages, the Middle Ages, the period when the Bobruisk region was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Russian Empire and the USSR.

The Hall of the Great Patriotic War is a series of thematic expositions dedicated to the initial stage of the war, the liberation of the territory of the district from the Nazi invaders, the partisan movement, the occupation regime (the Holocaust and the genocide of the Belarusian people). 

In the ethnography hall there are exhibits related to the life of the peasants of the Bobruisk region in the XIX-XX centuries: agricultural tools, tools, clothing, fabrics, tableware, handicrafts, etc.

The fourth hall is designed to exhibit thematic exhibitions of artists, folk craftsmen, artisans of Belarus and neighboring countries.

On the basis of the museum, master classes and quest programs, museum and thematic classes, and other cultural and educational events are organized.

Every year the museum organizes about 35 exhibitions, more than 50 cultural and educational events, more than 100 excursions. The attendance of the institution per year is more than 4 thousand people.

Working hours: Monday–Saturday from 8.30 to 17.00

Phone: (8-0225) 75-90-44

Cost of services: 

· Adult entrance ticket – 0.95 BYN

· Children's entrance ticket – 0.65 BYN

· Excursion service – 7 BYN

· Conducting a museum lesson – 7 BYN

· Conducting a thematic lesson – 4 BYN

· Participation in the quest program – 3 BYN

· Participation in an entertaining master class - 1.5 BYN.

· Participation in the training master class - 3 BYN

· Visiting a thematic exhibition (for adults) – 0.45 BYN

· Visiting a thematic exhibition (for children) – 0.25 BYN

· Visiting an off–site exhibition (for adults) - 0.20 BYN

· Visiting an off–site exhibition (for children) - 0.10 BYN

· Photo and video shooting - 0.90 BYN

· Print (A4) – 0.10 BYN