Cultural institution "Berezovsky Museum of Local Lore"
The museum was opened in 1963 as a historical and revolutionary museum, and on November 3, 1965, the museum opened its halls for the first visitors; on March 31, 2008, it received the status of a legal entity. It was renamed in 1993 into the Berezovsky Museum of Local Lore.

Activity profile - collection, processing, storage and demonstration of historical and local history material. The main expositions of the museum are: the history of the Berezovsky lands from the primitive communal system to the beginning of the XVII century; the life of the town of Bereza-Kartuzskaya in the XVII - mid-XX centuries; the events of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of the Berezovsky district; folk crafts and crafts of the Berezov region; Berezovsky district at the present stage. The most significant project of the museum is “Letters on birch bark”, which recreates one of the pages in the history of the partisan movement in the Berezov region - the study of children in forest partisan schools. With this project, the museum participated in the Republican Review Competition in 2009 and took the first place. The museum is visited annually 17 000 - 18 000 a man. The total number of storage units as of 01.01.2021 is 21,816 exhibits of the main fund.

The most significant items from the 21 museum collections are the following: a hoard of coins from the INCL period; a piece of amber weighing 518 g.; St. George crosses and medals “For Bravery” from the period of the First World War; a cane from the defeated Reichstag, etc. The main activities of the museum are sightseeing and thematic excursions, museum-pedagogical classes, educational programs, personal exhibitions of artists, exhibitions of children's creativity, development of tourist routes to memorable places of the Berezov region, etc.

The museum has a branch in its structure - the “Art Gallery". Opened in July 2004. It is located in the building of the Red Barracks, built in the nineteenth century. The activities of the branch of the museum are mainly aimed at hosting exhibitions of folk artists, children's works, personal exhibitions of artists not only from the Berezovsky region, Brest and Minsk, but also from CIS countries and far abroad. Up to 20 exhibitions are organized annually in the branch of the museum "Gallery of Arts", including foreign embassies in the Republic of Belarus.

The museum is open from 10.00 to 19.00, the art gallery from 9.00 to 18.00 (13.00-14.00 lunch break), weekends: Monday, Tuesday. The last Wednesday of the month - admission is free with free guided tours of permanent and temporary expositions (with the exception of commercial temporary expositions) by appointment for students receiving general secondary, vocational, secondary special education; for adults with independent viewing.


+375 1643 42829, 42830 (museum)

+375 1643 45660, 45661 (art gallery)