Turov Bird Ringing Station
Over 20 years of work by scientists, ornithologists, foreign specialists, more than 50 thousand birds have been ringed here. Birds with Turov rings have been found in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. For a number of types, the information received (flight dates, wintering sites, life expectancy) is absolutely new for our country. Every year dozens of volunteers and birdwatchers come to the station to help.

The station operates regularly from March to September. The main group of birds that the station specializes in are sandpipers. Other birds are also ringed, primarily wetland birds. Special traps and spider webs are used to catch birds. The station is not only a ring of waders. This is also the study of nesting, as well as many other aspects, one way or another related to waders and other birds.

Visitors to the ringing station will be told about the history of the station and the Turovsky Meadow Reserve. They will be able to observe the work of ornithologists, see how the species, sex and age of birds are determined.