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The Holy Trinity Temple in the Village of Orehovsk

The Holy Trinity Temple in the Village of Orehovsk


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In the pretty place of Vitebsk region there is a village with a harmonious name. Its name is Orehovsk. It is situated in the very place where the river Orshitsa merges with the river Vydritsa. And the local area is really colorful: apart from swamps, there are a large number of forests decorated with a scattering of Belarusian lakes of stunning beauty, ranging from Lake Perevalochnoe to Karesino.

At the time of its appearance the modern Orehovsk was known as Vydritsa. At the time there lived the wealthy landowner Hlyustin who owned a large profitable plant for its time. The possessions of the rich landowner, apart from the factory, include the small village Orehi located nearby. In the 20-s of the last century near Vydritsa there was started rapidly the construction of a thermal station where a huge number of ordinary people came for obtaining employment. For this reason the both settlements formed a single village called Orehi-Vydritsa. It was a special village for workers that was later renamed and now known as Orehovsk.

Despite its small size and small population, Orehovsk can rightfully be proud of its main attraction that is included in the honorary list of the Belarusian cultural heritage and attracts groups of tourists. This is the Holy Trinity Temple made of wood, with a nearby bell tower. Thanks to this attraction small Orehovsk is widely known far beyond the Vitebsk region. The temple was constructed by the landowner Hlyustin in the former village Orehi. Its construction was associated with a significant event for the Belarusian people: the great victory of the Russian army in a severe battle with the French on Lake Bolshoe Orehovskoe. The workers were not spared the generous landowner, many houses for a comfortable living were constructed for them, but they have not survived.

The Holy Trinity Temple in the village Orehovsk is located in the small square and refers to architectural monuments of late Classicism. It was built in 1838 on the site of the temple where Mikhail Kutuzov once was. The construction of the temple was started with the blessing of Bishop Anastasy Bratanovsky. The composition of the temple is quite specific as it is not common to construct temples in the form of a quadrangular hall with a prominent semicircular apse under a flat dome. One feature is of special interest that catches everybody’s eye: the log walls of the temple are neatly arranged not horizontally but vertically, it looks very unusual and looks and more like a palisade (logs are in one row). The temple is covered with boards and there are almost no window openings. Near the temple there is a two-tier belfry of wood. The Holy Trinity Temple in the village Orehovsk in the 90-s of the last century has been successfully restored to the joy of local and visiting believers.

Apart from the temple, the lakes also attract tourists’ interest. Svyatoe Lake is sure to have many secrets. Locals say that this deep lake formed after a cell appeared under the ground.

The Holy Trinity Temple in the village Orehovsk is incredibly popular among tourists, but apart from it, small Orehovsk is incredibly rich in cultural attractions!

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