the trinity church (ruins) in the village of Berezovets

the trinity church (ruins) in the village of Berezovets

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Berezovets is a village, located in Korelich district of Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus. This populated area is located in an amazingly picturesque place, practically on the river Servech. First these lands were mentioned in 1601, they belonged to Lavrishevsky monastery, which was given to metropolitan Ipatiy Potey. However these lands passed into the ownership of the well-known Radziwill family with the duration of time.

Eventually, after the third Partition of Poland in 1795, Beresovets became a part of the Russian Empire and became to be related to Novogrudok uyezd. In XIX century these territories belonged to Stefaniya Radziwill, and after her death they and the great estates, stretched out on the contemporary territory of Lithuania and Belarus, were passed to her husband L.P. Wittgenstein, and then passed into possession of their daughter Maria Gogenlohe.

 No doubt, there are some sights on these lands, which should be paid attention to. These are the ancient settlement, situated on the left bank of the river Servich, and the main gem of Berezovets -  the Ruins of the Trinity Church of the XX century.

The church was erected in 1863 of wood. In 1900, the decision to reconstruct it was made. The financial resources on reconstructing works were allocated fr om the local state budget. And a new stone church building, where a new parochial school was also opened, had grown instead of the old wooden churchlet.

However, the First World War had no mercy on great quantity of last years historical memorials. That is why the village of Berezovets was almost completely destroyed during the war. And this stone churchlet, wh ere divine services had been held, was also destroyed and was never restored. 

Only ruins have preserved from the Trinity Church, on the basis of which we can guess, what the church looked like before, when the life was going peacefully and calmly. And only due to the locals’ efforts the ruins of this church have preserved until now in quite good condition. There is almost no litter, empty bottles and graffiti on the walls here. Walking along the ruins of the church, we can say, as if time stops for a while.

The Trinity Church includes 3 entrances, only quite sizable arches of which have remained.  You can only imagine, that long time ago there were the same magnificent gates at the entrance to the church. You’d like to walk through the ruins eternally as a sacred church spirit is still soaring at this church place. In appearance the church reminds more of a fortification, but little of it has preserved till present day. It is an unusual, amazing place, which you are sure to visit, being in Grodno region. You are to get inexpressible, exciting feelings, and you are sure to remain satisfied.

Today the trips to the village of Berezovets are included into many tourist routes for those who are interested in the recreation in the Republic of Belarus.

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