Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Traby

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Traby


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Traby is a village, located in Grodno region; it is considered one of the most popular tourist sites in Belarus. This is because the unique wooden church has been preserved in this village. Such churches can be counted on fingers in the country. Are you ready to explore the village of Traby? Let’s start! It will be an exciting journey!

Plunge into the History

Visiting Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church is a unique opportunity for both tourists and local people. Why? First of all, it is an excellent opportunity to see how wooden Orthodox churches in Belarus looked like in ancient times. Many churches of that type were built in the country but few have survived to present days. It can be explained that they were built of wood.

Construction of the church

Saints Peter and Paul Church was built in 1784. There is no legend related to the construction of the church. It has been preserved to present days in very good condition. Saints Peter and Paul Church has been recently restored. Today, the restored wooden building is a well-preserved church with white windows. The wooden building is rather simple. But quite rich interior hides behind the external simplicity.

What to see

In addition, the church is located in a very picturesque place. It is an additional reason to come to the village of Traby, isn’t it? Peace and quiet reign here; wooden Saints Peter and Paul Church, as if it has been frozen in time and has became a place where people come to share the most cherished. Do you know that Traby has other sights?

After all, you may visit both Orthodox and Catholic churches, moreover, there is a Jewish cemetery. You may also walk down the streets of the village to enjoy the views and learn the history of this place.

A photograph as a reminder

Any photo taken during a trip is a vivid reminder. Looking at it, you go back again to those places you once visited. After looking at photos of Traby village, you will want to return to those places and visit Belarus again because it is so rich in beautiful views and historical objects. What will be the most vivid impressions during the trip? It’s up to you to decide and choose. But one thing is certain: you will find many interesting things in Belarus. You should come for new experience and pleasant emotions.

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