Saints Peter and Paul’s Church in Ratomka

Saints Peter and Paul’s Church in Ratomka


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Ratomka is located a few kilometers from the capital of the Republic of Belarus - Minsk. It is part of the Zhdanovichi village soviet. Zaslavskoe Reservoir, a village called Zhdanovichi, and the village of Tarasovo are located near Ratomka.

Ratomka is located on the P28. This route unites the city of Minsk and Zaslavl. You can get to Ratomka by bus from Minsk. It should be mention that there is a railway station near Ratomka.

The name of this place derives from the name of the river Ratomka, which flows through its territory. In the beginning of the XVI century, these fertile lands belonged to the noble family of the Ratomskys. However, by the end of the 17th century, they belonged to another well-known noble family of the Vankovichs. It is necessary to note that the Ratomsky Court on the other bank of the Ratomka River belonged to landowner Nebarovsky.

In 1792, landowner Nebarovsky erected a wooden shrine with a bell tower. In 1864, this shrine was mentioned in historical writings as Svyato-Aninskaya Church but it was dismantled after some time. The construction of another church began on July 3, 1997. A new church had been built in honor of apostles Peter and Paul for six months.

A characteristic feature of the church interior is that virtually the whole perimeter of the walls, ceilings and the iconostasis is decorated with a unique beautiful carving that creates an unusual cozy home-like atmosphere. The iconostasis is two-tiered; many images on the iconostasis and walls are painted on canvas. The Church of Apostles Peter and Paul was built according to the old Belarusian customs of folk architecture.

Today, Saints Peter and Paul’s church is covered with white brick. It is a large-scale structure and has tetrahedral hipped dome drum with a spire and majestic cross. Side altars under two-column covers were added and a small antechurch with a tetrahedral tent bell tower was added to the façade. The facades are divided by lancet windows. The church has quite impressive size for such a small place as Ratomka. It stands on the hill, near to the railway station.

It is also worth noting that Ratomka has an equestrian school, where various competitions take place. Not so long ago, a special covered arena was built in this school, where international competitions on equestrian sport also take place.

Ratomka has a modern hotel complex and recreation centers, where you can always stay when visiting this wonderful town.


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, Ratomka , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 75 km
, Ratomka , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 62 km

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