The Church Of St. Nicholas

You’ve certainly heard a lot about Logoysk and Silichi in Belarus. These places are great for skiing, and they are quite close fr om the capital. So you can safely go, for example, to Logoysk for a couple of hours. It is only 40 kilometers away fr om Minsk. But few people know that there are some very interesting places in Logoysk, such as two mounds, earthen ditches and ramparts, as well as Tyszkiewicz’s Park. And the Church of St. Nicholas takes a special place in this list.

The temple on the hill

White arches of the Church are rising near river Gayna. The place wh ere the temple is located is very picturesque itself. Bright green colors are here in the summer, everything is white and shining in winter. Lanterns around create a special atmosphere in the evenings.

Church history is quite common, like that of many Belarusian churches. The Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1866. What is surprising is that the Church has been closed only once for all the period of its existence. It happened, when the Bolsheviks came to power. One more interesting fact is that during the great Patriotic war the Germans did not prevent the parishioners from attending services and praying. The Church was not bombed or desecrated in anti-religious time.

The Book of John the Evangelist

Going to Logoysk, you must surely know that it is in this town wh ere the only Church in our country, painted with scenes from the book of John "the Apocalypse" is situated. The decision to paint the Church this way was made in the late XX century. But the altar part of the temple is painted with scenes from the last Supper. Services are conducted in the Church every day, so you are sure to get inside the temple, no matter what day of the week you come.

If you happen to get on the feast day of St. Nicholas, you will certainly be able to take part in religious processions and the Holy spring being sanctified.

Healing spring

No doubts, when you come to the Church, you can’t but notice a Holy spring. It begins at the foot of the Church of St. Nicholas. It is known that the healing spring was consecrated by Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk Filaret in 2005. Since that time people who have trouble attend the spring. They all come here with the hope to be healed. It is known that many of them got help from the spring.

Interesting fact is that the water in the Holy spring is always the same temperature regardless of the season. The people who believe in healing and recovery from illnesses bathe here. There is a table near the spring, which shows all the beneficial properties of this water.

But the most important thing, waiting for parishioners, pilgrims, or just travelers, is a meeting with God, an opportunity to pray in the temple on any day. You can also visit the library there, and a Sunday school is organized for children. Besides, Sorority acts at St. Nicholas Church in Logoysk.

Helping your family and taking care of the seniors is important at any time and in any place, no matter is  it in a temple, at hospital or at home. It is important to be compassionate and to love people. Be sure to visit St. Nicholas Church in Logoysk. Here you will feel at home and the soul will become calmer.