The Temple of St Leonid – only in Orsha

Orsha is a town the main wealth of which is its people. Townspeople in Orsha are initiative and active. You can make sure of that upon visiting this town. The matter is that one of the main attractions of the town - the Temple of St Leonid – was constructed with donations from the residents of Orsha. Besides, this Temple is a unique one in its kind in Belarus. There are no other temples named after St Leonid in Belarus. 

Saint Leonid

According to some preserved historical papers, St Leonid was a priest. He lived in the XVI century in Russia and for a long time led a simple life. As it is known, he was engaged in agriculture over 50 years.  But such is fate: as it decides so will be it. That’s exactly what happened with Leonid. Over several days he saw a prophetic dream how he was looking for the icon of the Mother Gog of Hodegetria, so the elder went in search of this icon. Later he constructed a temple in honor of the icon. Leonid lived till 105 and was canonized.

The first divine worship

Above the entry door of the Temple of St Leonid there is an icon with the Saint’s image. Inside the temple it is spacious and cozy. By the way, the first divine worship was held in 2002 when the foundation of the future temple was laid. The temple was opened in 2006 and since that townspeople and visitors of Orsha have come to St Leonid with their joys and sorrows. In the church services are held on weekdays and on holidays. The most festive worships are held on the Feast Day of St Leonid.

To stay in Orsha

The wealth of Orsha includes also its numerous attractions that have survived up to now. Apart from temples and churches, you will have meeting with the Jesuit Collegium, a former tavern, a watermill, a site of ancient town, a printing-office and numerous monasteries. There is also an arc bridge and many other survived attractions in Orsha. It will take you more than one day to walk around the town Orsha.

So it would be better to stay in Orsha for two or three days in order to examine all interesting corners and streets of this wonderful town. You will remember for a long time this cozy town, rich in historically important erections. Your soul will keep for years the memory about temples on the banks of the Dnepr in Orsha.  They are absolutely beautiful and retainable. And their fate is different.

The Temple of St Leonid will be interesting to visit during sightseeing or pilgrim tours. You can choose the most comfortable variant that suits you. Everyone will find an interesting place, no matter, whether it is a child or grown-up. If your name is Leonid, or it is the name of your friend, child or acquaintance, the Temple of St Leonid will be the first in the list of sightings as it is the only temple of this type in Belarus.