The Temple of St Elijah in Orsha

The Temple of St Elijah in Orsha


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The most ancient temple of Orsha

This temple in Orsha is the most ancient in the town. In 1460 there was built the Temple of St Elijah at the order of Prince Kazimir IV. The temple was erected in honor of the prince’s wife, with which such a story occurred: on 2 August the princess decided to have a swim and nearly drowned. Do you know that the 2ndof August is the day of the Holy Prophet Elijah, and it is prohibited to swim in rivers and other water bodies since this day? It was agreed to build a temple in honor of the princess’s rescue. 

Peter I in Orsha 

Therefore, an Orthodox temple was constructed in Orsha, opposite to the castle, on the left bank of the Dnepr. The building of the first temple was wooden, and soon it was burnt. Within a few years the Temple of St Elijah in Orsha appeared again in Orsha. It was again made of wood. There is a legend that it is the temple where Peter I stayed during the Great Northern War that prayed there that for the victory over the Swedes. However, there are no documentary proofs of it so it is just a fable.

The beauty of the temple 

The temple that has survived up to now was made of stone in 1880. The building has perfectly preserved its original appearance. Nor wars neither revolutions did not prevent the temple from being a true bulwark for believers. The beauty of the temple impresses both parishioners and travellers. The splendid exterior of the temple is blue roofs, carved elements of the facade, gold domes that sparkle in the sun and bring joy to grownups and children. 

The convent at the temple 

In 1996 there was established the Convent of the Holy Assumption on the basis of the Temple of St Elijah. The building of the convent fenced with a white-stone wall perfectly harmonizes with the natural landscape. The temple itself is situated in the picturesque place surrounded by trees and greenery. If you come to the temple in spring or summer, you will able to see wonderful waters of the Dnepr flowing quietly and calmly over ages in the same direction. The majesty of the river and temple, natural calm and religious peace are the core foundations on which the world is built.

See you in Orsha 

The really hospitable town Orsha is full of attractiuons, attracts with its architecture, famous for flaxen products. All these positive moments are reasons to visit the northern town of Belarus. The restrained beauty of temples, a huge number of famous sculptures and monuments of different ages, the river embankment, endless green lawns, and flowerbeds are the beauty with which Orsha meets its guests.

Certainly, many pilgrim routes pass through Orsha as there are a lot of temples and even a church. Do not forget that the most ancient temple in the town is the Temple of St Elijah. You may start an excursion around the town with it. Walk along the numerous streets of the town and wander along the embankment of the Dnepr. Orsha is sure to leave an unforgettable mark in your heart and you will want to return to this town again and again discovering something new each time.




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