The Temple of St. George in David-Gorodok

The Temple of St. George in David-Gorodok


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David-Gorodok is a Belarusian town situated in the Deep South of the country, on the Goryn River bank, and it forms a part of Stolinsk district. The first mentioning refers to 1127 and according to the archeological researches there was a settlement at the turn of the XI and XII centuries.

Today one of the main attractions of the town is the Temple of St. George that appeared in David-Gorodok in the second half of the XVII century. A few modifications were made in the arrangement of the temple in 1724, and it came to us with that appearance.

The temple is distinctive for its simplicity and the absence of any complex elements and decorative fixtures that is in line with the time of its construction. It is a characteristic of both exterior and interior of the temple. The temple looks rather simple because of the poor decoration, but it does not deprive it of some charm and attractiveness.

 The temple is made of wood and has three log-cabins. Each of them is crowned with a tented roof arranged in one axis.

The true glory of the temple is an iconostasis that has come to us from the middle of the XVIII century. The royal gates of that bright example of folk art of its epoch are kept in the National History Museum of Belarus in Minsk.

There is a belfry near the temple. Its construction refers to the XIX century. The belfry’s architecture is also rather simple and lacks design frills.

The temple is situated in the central street of the town, today it is called Svetskaya, and previously it was Yuryevskaya. The Jewish people lived in that street in the 1930-s, that was a significant part of the overall population. There were two synagogues, schools for Jewish children in David-Gorodok. A church appeared in the that place in the 30-s of the XX century. It has survived to our days, but today it is used as a club.

St. George, after whom the temple was called, has been honored in the Face Sacred since the early Christianity. He is the patron of warriors; he also patronizes farmers and herdsmen. The name George comes from the Greek and means “farmer”. Besides, the Saint is the patron of travellers. St. George is known as Jury or Egory in ancient Rus. He has been honored much more after the construction of monasteries in Kiev and Novgorod in the 30-s of the XI century, it was under the reign of Yaroslav the Wise.

The feast days of St. George also known as spring and autumn Yuryev Days are 23 April and 26 November.

The Temple of St. George is sure to attract the attention of tourists interested in religious monuments. But the temple is not unique in David-Gorodok. There is another one – the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, near which there is a chapel. There is a brama in front of the temple. The object was built in 1913. 

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