The Church of the Holy Spirit in the village of Galichi

The history of appearing of the Church of the Holy Spirit in the village of Galichi

A small village of Galichi is located in Klimovichi district on the territory of modern Mogilev region. In this small but cozy village is located the Church of the Holy Spirit.  The date of completion of the construction of the Church is 1882. The temple was built of brick and partially of wood. The Church was the first brick building among all the buildings of the village. Previously here had been a fully wooden church, located 30 meters from the new one. The new building of the temple was being erected at the expense of public funds, but a small part of them were collected from peasants. Those, who were poor and had no money, gave bread. Art historians classified the architectural style of this building as pseudo-Baroque.

The building was designed in Moscow, after that the project was sent to the village of Galichi to begin the construction. The construction Manager was the landlord Gyubbenet, who had estates in several villages. Previously on the place of the construction there had been a cemetery.  

In 1930 the Church building was closed.  After removing the domes, the building was converted into a club. In the post-war period the temple was used as a storehouse that belonged to the kolkhoz (collective farm).

In the end of the 19thcentury the temple was visited by the Bishop of Mogilev, who described  his impressions from visiting this Shrine in the local newspaper. On the whole, he liked the solid construction of the temple, however, among the faults he noted the low roominess for parishioners and not very high quality singing of the choir.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is not operative. The façade itself lost its proper appearance.  The walls look dilapidated and old. Surprisingly, but the integrity of the building has not been impaired as well as windows in the walls of the building have been preserved.  Today, they are raising funds needed to restore the Shrine.