St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Minsk

St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Minsk


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The miracle that happened in the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky in Minsk is known not only to Minsk residents but also to the guests of the capital. But let’s talk about everything in its turn.

A few minutes’ walk from the Victory Square, a temple is located. That is the only temple in Minsk, which has been preserved in its original form. The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky is located in Kozlov Street, 11. This metropolitan area is an attraction itself. Trams move slowly here jingling and stopping at platforms. While going on one of these buses, you can see a military cemetery and the glow of golden domes a bit away. This is the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky.

About the Church

The temple is not very large in size, but it is made in the style of Russian Baroque Church. It is decorated with many elements in magnificent way and you can see all of this with your own eyes. Don't miss the opportunity being in the capital on trips.

St. Alexander Nevsky Church appeared in Minsk in 1898. It was built in honor of Russia's victory in the Russo-Turkish war of 1877 - 1878. If you happen to be inside, you will see real values, which are carefully stored in the temple. Old plaques with the names of dead soldiers and officers are still hanging here. One can also see a unique extant church camp In the Church. Just imagine the soldiers of the 119th regiment of Kolomna to gather around a wooden Church before the fight and pray for surviving, hoping to return to their families and friends. But not all of them were destined to do that. The soldiers are buried in two mass graves, and the officers found their last shelter behind the altar wall of the Church.

About the miracle

The destiny was for the Church to be preserved during the great Patriotic war. Heavy bombardment destroyed all the attractions of Minsk. In the early days of the war during the raids one of the bombs happened to fall in St. Alexander Nevsky Church. The bomb fell down right in front of the icon of St. Nicholas but it didn’t explode. The cemetery was enveloped in fire and the main dome had been destroyed, but after a while the flame went out itself.

Services were held In the Church in wartime. Residents gathered in the temple and prayed, like the soldiers used to do near the camp Church. The walls of that Church have survived.


But in the sixtieth years of the XX century the building of the Church was intended to accommodate a workshop for making coffins. It was the Archpriest of the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky, Viktor Bekarevich, who managed to defend the temple.  

The Church really needed repairing and carrying out restoration work. They made the temple even more beautiful, being able to revive old relics, and eventually, add some new ones. So, the icons with particles of relics of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky and St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk are kept in the Church. Since 1991, there is a Church building with a belfry near the temple. It houses the Sunday school; the rites of «Baptism» as well as conversations with parishioners are conducted there.

 Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala, the classics of Belarusian literature are buried on the cemetery near the Church. While visiting the Church don't forget to honor the memory of these great poets of Belarus. 

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