The Savior Transfiguration Temple in Smolyany

The Temple in Smolyany

In the village Smolyany there are a plenty of attractions. Come to this location for excursion and don’t forget to walk longer around the village. The matter is that it is very picturesque in Smolyany, and the survived ruins preserving secrets of the ages stand silently like witnesses of the past. They surprisingly harmonize with the natural landscape and look like silver-haired pilgrims that have stopped to tell something important.

Up to now

However, apart from the ruins of a castle, church and temple in Smolyany there is a functioning temple. The Savior Transfiguration Temple is a blue wooden building standing on a stone foundation. It is known that the temple was constructed in 1590 but it has not preserved its original appearance up to now. The temple was repeatedly restored and the building was last modified in 1809. In this form the Savior Transfiguration Temple has survived.

 From outside the temple looks as rather spacious: two belfries, a roundabout gallery and a quadrangular catholicon with triangular gables. Such complicated forms will be felt easier when you see it with your own eyes. You will be really impressed by such a cozy and light temple. Don’t forget that it would be better to spend in Smolyany more than one day watching all its attractions, not hurrying anywhere. Inside the temple is decorated with the painting “Twelve Apostles”, take a look at this magnificent creation. It is sure to stick in your memory for long.

In temples there is always silence and rest, and peace that everyone is searching. Many tourists arrive to Smolyany within pilgrim tours. It is not only interesting, such tours help to study in detail the religious life of Belarus.

The feast of Transfiguration

 If you are a devout person or simply interested in religion you are sure to know about the feast of Transfiguration. It is also popularly called the second or Apple Spas. There is a tradition to come to the temple on this holiday and consecrate apples. Some rich people observed the tradition to hand around these apples to poor people after the ceremony. It is also known that after the feast everyone was permitted to eat these fruit.

Today this tradition is hardly observed in full, but it is important to know and simply remember about it. Spiritually Transfiguration means purification, enlightenment from sinful thoughts. What else does help it? Of course, a trip to holy places, visiting temples, monasteries and other sanctuaries. At least once in your life make a pilgrimage and you will look at the world with new eyes. You are sure to discover new roads and new sites, get acquainted with new people, and in general your life will change for the better. As it is known, after each journey everyone returns a changed man; that is Transfiguration.

Let you meet only kind people on your way and more attractions delight the eye. Come to Smolyany to see new things and to change a little.