The Temple of the God’s Mother Birth in the village of Divin

Divin is a small village of Kobrin district in the west of Brest region. Previously the location was a small town, and in 1940-50-s it was even a district center.

Divin is located 6 kilometers from the state boarder with Ukraine, in a south-east direction from the today district center – Kobrin, 33 kilometers from it.

Today the population of Divin is just over three thousand people. But a curious tourist will discover two religious attractions in that location. One of them is the Temple of St. Parascheva Pyatnitsa that has come to us since the first half of the XVIII century. The second object deserving special attention is the Temple of the God’s Mother Birth erected in 1902.

The construction of the Temple of the God’s Mother Birth was conducted for long twenty years since 1879 due to the decay of the former church building located there, the first mentioning of which refers to 1580. The new temple erected in the very early XX century was constructed on the place of the former one, and it inherited its name – the Temple of the God’s Mother Birth.

The temple got its name after one of the orthodox holidays – the God’s Mother Birth which celebrated on 8 September by Julian calendar and 21 September by Gregorian calendar. The Virgin Mary, whose birth has grown into the important holiday for faithful people, was born in the family of Anne and Joachim that lived in the north-eastern part of Jerusalem. Today the orthodox monastery of St. Anne stands on this place, on the first floor of which is the Temple of the God’s Mother Birth. There is a grotto beneath the monastery. It was a part of the house of the Virgin Mary’s parents according to the legend.

Over the years of its existence, the temple has not been closed in the village of Divin; only in 1927 major repairs were carried out there, that complicated the habitual functioning. Having survived several wars and internecine feuds of the XX century, the temple has not suffered looting and destructions, and has come to us in its original appearance. Lots of icons have been also reserved there, including the icons “The God’s Mother Birth”, “Hodegetria”, “Saint Onuphrius” and others. The iconostasis, separating the altar from the rest of the temple, is wooden.

The temple is situated in Lenin Street that previously was Kobrinskaya Street as it goes in the direction of the district center (it is also Route R127). The exact address is Lenin St, 77.

The wooden temple is covered with a tented roof with an onion dome rising above the hipped roof of the catholicon. The belfry has three tiers. The temple is planked with horizontal boards. Cornices and cutter groups create a unique charm of the temple. The entrance presents a low porch with a gable roof. As to the color of the temple, it has changed many times over the years of its existence. Today the temple is painted in light blue.